Reviews for Playing Pretend
Tepid Waters chapter 1 . 3/24/2013
When I finished this poem, I was in awe. I'm still in awe. This is so painfully close to knocking Lament off the top spot (I think it's still there). It's just ugh...amazing and that last line. That ugh was supposed to be interpreted as an orgasmic groan because I WAS MAKING THAT NOISE IN MY HEAD. I would read this all day!
Vivechka chapter 1 . 3/22/2013
Very beautifully written! The seeming lack of structure throughout the majority of the poem makes the final line more hard-hitting. What I particularly love is the clash of beautiful phrases for unpleasant concepts which seems to highlight the message of the poem rather than cloaking it
Eleantris chapter 1 . 3/5/2013
Well this depressed me. But it's so well written - I like the sort of non-structure of it, as I think it fits with the theme? And the punch of the last line is horrible and painful but so well-placed.

I like this poem, but I don't like it at the same time. The same way as I like Tara's 'Inadequate' but don't like it at the same time. There is always change to be made - no-one stays static, no matter what they themselves think. And you are not mediocre, or lacking in *any* knowledge, ability or skill, because that's demonstrated in the poem. Also I AM NOT FRIENDS WITH MEDIOCRE PEOPLE AND YOU'RE LIKE MY PERSON AND MY PERSON WOULD NEVER BE ANYTHING SHORT OF EXTRAORDINARY OKAY.

(clearly my idea of comfort and advice is just to yell at a person about how much I love them but sifnisonfsdion I love you, sweetie) xxx