Reviews for Worshiping Van Dawson
BrandNew chapter 1 . 12/31/2013
Wow...this was amazing! I can only imagine what Jack must be going through. I mean they did have a falling out so it's not like him and Van left on a good note. This was amazingly real. I could see the scenes playing in my head as if it were from some type of movie. I actually really like Lilly's character. I feel bad that Van died, despite the kind of person he was because he didn't change that, then again he had plenty of time to, so it was his decision. I was anxiously waiting for Jack to say something at the funeral, and I wondered what he was going to say. I thought what he did say was spot on. I didn't really expect him to be angry or pour out his heart to a bunch of people. I wonder how his life with Lilly will be now, and if Lilly is confident in being with him. Great work! And Happy New Years!