Reviews for The Beast
C. M. Brighid Bachleda chapter 5 . 11/8/2014
I hope there will be a sequel...

This is a good fairy tale; a Beauty and the Beast twist...
AlanisBRAVO chapter 5 . 4/22/2013
Very well written :) I loved the ending.
Kendra Shadow chapter 5 . 3/16/2013
Great story! Reminds me of those Grimm's Fairytale stories.
I love the part where Eva says, "Then I guess that means you'll be joining me, right Catherine?" A great comeback. I was like oh snap you got slapped, Catherine. :P
And yay! Catherine and Rolf paid for their sins, mwahahaha. I would be pissed to if that situation were to happen to me and then feel at peace when I realize that the guy was just a loser, so yay for happy ending!
I also like the character of their father. I dislike the type of fathers that have favoritism or the ones that would have no guilt or sympathy. The father in here is wise and cares for both of his daughters but have morals where he draws the line on how far they can go. To give Catherine an allowance only and the manor and the rest to Eva is a wise choice, given the type of person Catherine is, she wouldn't use those things wisely. To her bewitching men is what it takes to be a woman. That's just wrong. I am also glad the Eva isn't one of those weak girls that would give up completely even after meeting Grim. Sometimes, those types of girls would become filled with rage that they would use him to take revenge. Eva saw hope and she fought the heartbreak.
MAB THE BUTCHER chapter 1 . 3/16/2013
I have sequel for this story. I will be posting in a few days; hope you all enjoy it!
Nicole Cluver chapter 5 . 3/15/2013
Wow... Just wow in a very good way! :3 It was a nicely written story even if the format did throw me off a bit in the first chapter, but then at the end I have to say it was a very interesting format just not one that I have seen used before. The way it was written kind of reminded me of a folklore which seemed to be your intent so you did a very good job (at least that's the feeling the ending gave me).

I haven't read very many romances where the character that did wrong to the main character actually paid in the end and I have to say it was nice seeing one for once. I mean I can understand giving a happy ending to a character who sees the errors in their ways (not how Rolf did since he only saw it way to late), but not when characters behave like Catherine did. Overall I don't have any complaints about it except one; Some of the paragraphs are broken where you hit the enter key halfway through a sentence or the site messed it up on you not sure which. Nothing really big if you think about it just though I should point it out :3.

Any way thank you very much for posting it up because I enjoyed it immensely and it made me smile :D.