Reviews for Looking For Marie in Paris
Anne Fatalism Dilettante chapter 1 . 3/17/2013
Nice Shakespearean sonnet and nice division of three quartrains and a couplet.

I've just had my sonnet test today and I'm not sure how to analyze this one, mostly because I'm too tired looking at Shakespeare already ;_;

Not sure if you've got any significant stuff in this - seeing as how sonnets follow a strict scheme, yet their compact form allows many things to be said. From a surface glance, I see themes of poverty, arrogance from the upper-class toward the lower-class. Pre-French Revolution, maybe? I have no idea how Marie relates to this, though. There is an obvious division between the first quartrain and the rest of the sonnet, since the only thing that I can relate with those two is the setting, aka Paris. The rest of the things don't really fit, somehow. Maybe the loss of Marie has made this dude arrogant and cold? I have no idea. You can tell me.