Reviews for How to make a loud noise
Anihyr Moonstar chapter 1 . 3/31/2013
I love the rhythm of this. It really feels like each section rolls into the next well and never really stalls up. I also enjoyed the repeating "hurt me" theme and how it feels like "hurt me" is almost a stand-in for "make me fall in love with you (again)" since that seems to fit with what follows each time it's mentioned and it works really well as a general metaphor.

A couple portions don't make sense to me - particularly the one that you quote in the summary about cracking open an egg - but I assume this is just because I don't get the symbolism and/or metaphor there. Also every time you say "lets" it should be "let's" (since it's a contraction for "let us"); I don't know if that's an intentional omission or not, but since you use it correctly the first two times (in the first and second stanza the apostrophe is there, but later it's omitted) I assume it's a typo on the later occasions, and if it's not, I don't think the stylistic effect accomplishes anything so it would be better if you corrected it.

I did enjoy the poem, though. I'm always impressed by your poetry. :)

- Moonstar