Reviews for My dearest dead
ThinkPi chapter 1 . 3/25/2013
This was wonderful, my favorite one of your poems so far (I personally think you're getting better). And for the whipped cream on this poetic treat I enjoyed reading I coincidentally had a dream about a foggy grave site in my most recent entry in the dream journal, three nights ago. So this topic has been fresh in my mind.

"Lonely dead, honored dead, rotting dead,
How are you today my dearest dead?"

My favorite lines, and a tasteful use of repetition. One would think repeating the word dead would be out of angst but you really played with it by attaching a variety of adjectives to it. I LOVE how the first three are solemn and deep while the fourth one is strikingly more positive. You repeated this formula two more times (masterfully I might add) for a wonderful use of refrain. For a last note I learned a new word today (derelict); your word choice is as creative as ever. I thoroughly enjoyed writing this review