Reviews for Thicker Than Blood
chiroho chapter 26 . 7/4/2013
And Happy Independence Day to you as well. Thank you for serving to help assure our continued independence!

More signs that the current MCRT is pretty lax - even the probie doesn't seem to show any initiative. You know Gibbs would never have allowed that, or would have run them off the team already!

Taggart certainly isn't Abby! She could have been doing all sorts of information analysis without even being asked. Of course, there can only be one Abby. You have to imagine that the vast majority of forensic specialists are more like Taggart than Abby.

Somehow methinks that there simply isn't the one key piece of evidence that Bergman is looking for. Though I do commend her for wanting to work and find it - even if it's just so she can prove herself right instead of actually investigating the case like Wilson.

He's right. Dwayne SO needs to get out of that team. Maybe Kim will have a position for him in Egypt ...

Definitely something hinky going on with Walker and her CO. Hopefully that wifi signal from the restaurant will yield some information on what's going on. If Dwayne can get it!

Lying to his coworkers stopped bothering Wilson once he realized that they were idiots!

Definitely lying about why the subordinate is back and that she has a picture of his house, most weird. Wilson is right though. Finding a reason to go and check this restaurant will be very difficult. Bergman for one won't want him doing anything that isn't directly supporting her case, no matter how much better the evidence is there instead of against Kanten.

I agree that it's finally going the right way. Now he needs to prove it!
sheila.bundy chapter 25 . 7/1/2013
I always enjoy a good visit with the Tomlins, and know that, in your own good time and proper plot development, you are going to let us find out who killed her and why. I just hate waiting!
chiroho chapter 25 . 7/1/2013
Completely expected reaction to discovering why Kanten had been charged at the end of the day, though how Bergman expects to actually find something solid overnight when she doesn't have anything to date and especially doesn't have a track record of working overnight remains to be seen.

Seems like Jeff will be getting to know Robyn a sight better than Kim, given that she's going to be along with Karsten and himself. And given that Robyn already knows Karsten as her CO, that should be a fairly low impact introduction to another member of the extended Tomblin family. Better than showing up in Washington state and getting the full inquisition!

Always good practice to get to know people. I'm sure that this is something Tony has down, just as he's so sociable generally, and something Bergman definitely does not. In fact, I'm sure she offends people like Grant with her attitude. D

Food is always a good way to get a guy on your side - especially when he hasn't eaten. Still nice of Kim to bring it though.

I can see that Kim wouldn't have had many female friends growing up. Sometimes people like her turn out to emphasize the fact that they're "girls", but sometimes just the opposite - as in Kim's case. And I can also see the fact that she'd be pulled aside in the Marine Corps. Though as Sarah MacKenzie said in JAG, in order to succeed as a woman in the Marines you need to hit the same qualifications as the men. (Though when she was doing the qualifications in one episode, you just knew that she wasn't actually doing that! ;)

Gotta agree with how kids changes things, and how you have to be careful that you don't start treating your wife differently just because she's doing different work than she did before - though likely more than she ever did in "full time employment"!

Kim makes a great point about having Robyn understand exactly what she's in for - especially given that the step-mother will never get the respect that a birth mother will. "You're not my mother! You can't tell me anything!" I have a friend who is became a step-father when the child was only maybe 2 or 3, and he still said that he'd never do that again if the opportunity came up.

Pretty much figured that there wouldn't be a chance of a dismissal in the evening. There's a reason why these things happen at night. Of course, I'm sure Bergman has gone home smirking, and isn't trying to gather more evidence given that she believes it's an open and shut case - with holes you could drive an M1 Abrams through!

Great that this can end with Kim and Kanten talking as a brother and sister. Given the age difference I'd think they'd not have done that too much growing up, even though they were very close to family. So it's nice they can do that now.

Always looking forward to more, and finding out where this is actually going.
sheila.bundy chapter 24 . 6/27/2013
Wow! No evidence against him and what evidence there is, is for him, so, of course, Bergman arrests him!
sheila.bundy chapter 23 . 6/27/2013
Wow, I got so busy unpacking, I missed another chapter. Loved how Kanten handled Bergman!
emmaplodocus chapter 24 . 6/27/2013
Well. Ok then. Bergman is a bitch. You can clearly see that she has it out for everyone related to a Tomblin, is a Tomblin, or married out of the Tomblins, because that was just crappy investigating. But brilliant writing.
I like the lawyer Simples. And I agree with Karsten, a lovely holiday to Japan for their family on the Tomblins is in order. I also like Robyn, she sounds interesting, and not just because I'm Australian too, but I want to know her story; yes, sometimes love happens like that, and marriage follows, but everyone has a story.
But anyways. I love where it's going, and can't wait for the next one.
Oh, and Bergman needs to be kicked off the back of an aircraft carrier. Preferably 'Agent Afloat' style.
chiroho chapter 24 . 6/27/2013
Kind of a long chapter this time. )

Two months seems awfully quick at the best of times. My sister got engaged after 6 months of dating, and then married four or five months later, and we thought that was quick. But getting married after just two months of dating does seem a bit over eager! Not surprised Nisha has trouble finding something to talk about.

Of course, as a cop, I'm sure that Dwayne distrusts most lawyers too.

Was anyone expecting Robyn to say that they made wild, monkey love and she handcuffed him to the bed, or some such? Nice that she's at least being discreet.

I think Dwayne must be the ONLY person actually interested in tracking down Lt. Walker's killer. Everyone else on his team seems hell bent on pursuing various political agendas. Of course, when someone else reviews the testimony they may well decide that Robyn has opened doors on Kanten that they can now harangue her about.

I think Karsten's opinion of the current MCRT is probably shared by most of your readers. How on earth they ended up in the positions they have is anyone's guess. Nilsen must have something on Vance!

I'm sure that Nilsen is completely baffled just from Karsten explaining Sydney's nickname!

I can see how someone as narrow minded as Nilsen could assume that there must have been premeditation behind Karsten deciding to go to the Mall at the same time as Kanten - though surely you'd think they would have done it earlier in the week if they'd actually been planning something.

And there's the explosion that anyone who knows a Tomblin could likely see coming. While I know much of interrogation is asking the same questions in different ways to see if the story changes, you'd think that Nilsen would have got the point by now. I mean, he's supposed to be the Team Leader and experienced in this sort of thing.

At least Bergman seems somewhat on the ball with her questions of Kanten. Establishing how he knew Walker, etc.

I can see where Bergman gets her story from, but there are plot holes you could fly a helicopter through, and she should well know this. She definitely seems to be pursuing an agenda and not actually investigating what happened, and I think that's clear to Nisha and Kanten. I mean, taking the voice mail of someone who is on anti-psychotic medication at face value? There is no way that would ever make it through any court case.

And I think Nisha just pushed Bergman into exposing just how blinkered she really is - which is ridiculously so. She doesn't like Kim, and is taking it out on her family to the exclusion of everything else. You'd have to think that the director wouldn't be terribly happy about the useless nature of his MCRT in this instance.
chiroho chapter 23 . 6/24/2013
And there's the reaction from Karsten that we've (I've) been waiting for! And I'm sure that sounds a lot more harsh in Japanese than it does in English. Of course, he can also say things in Japanese that they don't want anyone else understanding, which may be why he switched languages - like the whole "blown out of the sky in Pakistan", which suggests the mission was somewhat more complicated than the CIA brief indicated to Kim.

More proof that Kanten's brain definitely lacks sufficient blood flow to function properly when that other organ is demanding a greater supply. (Or else he just doesn't read memos! And to be honest, he definitely doesn't seem like the type for that.)

You'd still think Kanten would have tried to contact Karsten somehow to let him know where he was, and not just showing up at the hotel after disappearing for two days!

Based on Robyn's reaction, you have to wonder who made the suggestion about getting married. Odds on it was Kanten, but Robyn is now obviously realizing that there's a lot more that she doesn't know about his family, and how much closer they are than she realized. Then again, she's only known the guy two months. Sheesh!

I'm not sure how I'd be feeling either if brought into a legal office to talk about someone my new wife slept with a few months ago. Robyn could look off either way.

So Kanten really was just screwing around - excuse the pun.

Nice to get the reminder on what they should and shouldn't say, and to whom.

I can say with certainty that Kanten wouldn't want to see Kim sitting on the other side of that table. It just wouldn't be pleasant. Though it's nice to see him thinking how well she'd do, and then how much better she is than Bergman.

Yes Bergman, try and poorly convince Kanten to start talking without his lawyer present by making it seem as though his wife is in trouble.

And Bergman is again bested by a Tomblin. Of course, I'm sure she's seen that smirk and those folded arms on Karsten's face, so no wonder she knew to give up at that point! And, of course, she's never going to get one past
Nisha. She wouldn't be forgiving about that at all!
sheila.bundy chapter 22 . 6/23/2013
Really enjoyed this chapter. I always like Kim and Jeff together. Don't get the "Game of Thrones" reference-will have to explore that a bit. Probably nothing to do with the itsy bitsy dragons in TV ads, though...I want to know more about this new bride. And, hopefully, you'll get back to the actual case soon.
shulesaddict77 chapter 22 . 6/23/2013
I'm sorry it's been awhile. I just caught up on the last 15 chapters or so.

Of course Kim is investigating the case. It's her brother. And I love Jeff and Kim's relationship and the Squid. :-)

I'm wondering what the case is all about because we are still pretty much in the dark here. But with her having bipolar disorder with psychotic features who knows what she has gotten herself into. She probably didn't remember herself.

Looking forward to the next chapters. :-)
Guest chapter 22 . 6/20/2013
He's a keeper. I'm glad he validated her actions, not that she needs it. I loved the tender moment in this chapter. I love this fic!
chiroho chapter 22 . 6/20/2013
Aw, it's a family pic-i-nic! (With baskets full of jelly sandwiches?)

LOL the "Was bored out of my mind for eight hours straight." Surely there was at least one redeeming moment - lunch perhaps?

Not really surprised that this wasn't making much sense to Jeff. It was complicated enough just for Kim, and she was the one figuring things out! I'm guessing, though, that the next chapter will be in parallel with this and involve Kanten and Karsten being grilled by Bergman. Or at least with her trying to ask them questions while the Simpleton lawyers deflect them.

Yes, I can see Kim avoiding the question as to why she left her brothers at NCIS when she was so protective before. And I can definitely see the Whiskey Tango Foxtrot going on in Jeff's mind as he tries to piece together a story which is somewhat fragmented - especially since he hadn't had the conversations with Karsten about Kanten's Aussie girlfriend (wife). [And your readers are still waiting to hear why Kanten went off the grid when he was supposed to be getting a medal, and then avoided his family's calls - Kim and Karsten both.]

Okay, so at least Jeff gets the "kinda from the beginning" story, which makes more sense. Even if he does end up talking about iambic pentameter!

There are a LOT of actresses on GoT that dye their hair, not the least of which is Carice van Houten. You see much more of Sophie Turner (Sansa - also dyed a somewhat interesting shade of red) and Emilia Clarke (Daenerys - dyed blonde) than Mellisandre. Though they really weren't good about making Robb Stark's hair the red-brown colour described in the books. Of course, they may have done that to make Jon Snow and Robb Stark look more alike. All of which is somewhat moot at this point though.

Yes, there really are different rules for Gibbs and the Director than anyone else. It's just plain stupid, IMNSHO.

Very sweetly supportive from Jeff. Being built like Kim, I guess you always struggle to feel as though you're being listened to, no matter how your actual reception may be. I guess it's akin to "short man syndrome", where many short men turn out to be closet Napoleons!

Yup, definitely judgement impairment from being in Iraq. Can't see another reason really. ;)

And I can't help but agree with Kim's last comment. Robyn Peek is definitely the one who will need the help. She can't have any idea what she's got herself into - no matter her exposure to Kanten over the past couple of months. The Tomblin's as a whole are very scary!
sheila.bundy chapter 21 . 6/17/2013
Why do you thing Cairo will put Kim out of reach of Kanten and Karsten? From what we've seen of those two, they are a never-ending Tomlin problem. I can't wait to find out what Kanten and Karsten are telling their lawyers. And I'm glad you are home safe. Tiny errors to fix: At that point, I felt I had recourse but to persue my own investigation. -At that point, I felt I had NO recourse but to PURSUE my own investigation.
I have decided you are my favorite living writer. Your people are always so fully-developed and realistic. Thank you for sharing with us.
Kristen Nicole chapter 21 . 6/17/2013
I don't think she deserved the suspension. It's her brother! What does he expect? (It's a testament to your ability that I am outraged on your character's behalf, for the record.)
chiroho chapter 21 . 6/17/2013
I guess that Tomblin sense of humour runs strong - should I say I'm my brother? NO! Definitely not.

And by the way, I think Karsten was impersonating his brother, not intimidating. That's Kim's job. D

I think the rumour about males is true - there's only sufficient blood to power the brain when one organ isn't using more than it's fair share. As soon as that organ starts requesting a lot more blood, there's nothing left for the brain to do any work. So yes, Kanten, you really are stupid for getting married at a time and place where you're not supposed to have ever been. Sheesh!

Uh oh! Called to the principal's office! I wonder if he said "shut the door" and "take a seat". Those are usually very bad indicators.

Interesting that Kim doesn't want to be the Director because it's too political, and yet her career follows the path that it does in the last chapter of your previous story. I guess one can never plan completely. D

Kim's drawing a pretty fine line between what she did and what she was told to do. Yes, technically she didn't go against what the director said and followed her own leads, but that doesn't always fly very well with "management" as it were. She does now know many things that the MCRT wasn't able to discover since they'd focused their efforts in the wrong direction, but it won't be easy for Nilsen's team to have that information passed to them - they're going to resent Kim even more.

Well, I guess Kim won't be coming into work for a week. Hopefully she'll get to meet her new sister-in-law a little more. Can't imagine that Karsten and Kevan are going to be very happy about the fact that they knew nothing about it. Karsten particularly so. Can't imagine that it will be a polite discussion between the twins on this!

Somehow get the feeling Cairo isn't necessarily going to be that much quieter.
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