Reviews for Lies
Elizabeth Clayton chapter 1 . 4/9/2013
i have felt very many times as you have conveyed in this poem. I can relate to it very well. and i am sorry for whatever has you trapped in it at this time in your life. As for the poem itself it had some high points i really enjoyed, when you talk about peoples lies being transparent, that leads well into covering, it's around the same subject, it makes me think of hiding and shadows, and well lies, from there on i think it's all very good. The beginning i personally am not crazy about just because it doesn't match the potential the rest of the poem clearly has, it pulls it down in a way. It's almost to self indulgent for this piece. Maybe consider different phrasing with the same meaning, because with poetry every word really does count. Any way these are just my simple little thoughts though, over all i thought it was a good piece and i think it shows you have talent and potential to grow as a writer so def keep it up!
** peace, love, and Smudged InK**