Reviews for The Giver Gods 1: Gift of Destruction
HellsDivine chapter 33 . 3/20
oh shit. well he finally snapped and lost his goddamn mind.
nice job with the torture though, i like how you included the actual history of how a crucifixion is really done.
HellsDivine chapter 29 . 3/20
when they told fable to calm down how he said im perfectly calm totally reminded me of the walter and dude scene from the big lebowski. made me laugh my ass off.
and if i were fable, i wouldn't leave aarei alone for very long without being able to move. with that kids luck someone could break in and rape him or something.
the twist of fable actually being a part of a god, not a giver is really awesome btw. this story us getting better and better
HellsDivine chapter 26 . 3/20
eden is so cute
HellsDivine chapter 25 . 3/19
Omg, if Eralla is telling the truth and not just being nuts then holy shit!
and awwwe, Fable gave Aarei his coat. They are so gay for each other. XP
HellsDivine chapter 23 . 3/19
I swear life just likes to fuck this kid.
This is getting really interesting though, I'm looking forward to learning more.
HellsDivine chapter 22 . 3/19
ohh shiiiit. yer his bitch now aarei.
HellsDivine chapter 21 . 3/18
i love the lore. ive been waiting to hear about the war and the givers.
HellsDivine chapter 18 . 3/18
awh poor aarei. i kinda figured that. im surprised fable didn't kill mankoy.
HellsDivine chapter 17 . 3/18
lol. "didn't realize you had a claim over patches of oxygen." im using that never time someone bitches about me smoking.
HellsDivine chapter 11 . 3/17
lol. i like eden
HellsDivine chapter 9 . 3/17
Interesting. I'm excited to keep reading. I'm totally hooked right now and will read the next chapter tomorrow!
Yeah, I spammed the shit out of your email with all the reviews. I know, sorry, lol. I enjoyed the story and wanted to let you know what I thought as it progressed. I'm one of those readers that get overly involved in a story, like I'm living in it. Lol
HellsDivine chapter 8 . 3/16
Ohh...So Aarei's Dad was abusive...Well, i get now why Aarei's all depressed and his Mom's a basket case. Violence in the home can do a number on a family...
I'm kinda sad that Eralla is in the loony bin now and probably won't be around much. ( But I get that it makes sense for the story.
HellsDivine chapter 6 . 3/16
Lol. Philhaven. I went there three times when I was a teenager.
Yeah I kinda feel bad for Aarei's Mom in this one. Her insanity was pretty funny in the others but she's really unstable and its kind of sad. I wonder what made her that way.
The plot is really starting to pick up though. I'm excited to see where it goes and learn more about what happened before the story began.
On another note, Geez, Aarei's really got some bad luck. Poor guy
HellsDivine chapter 4 . 3/16
oh my god, Fable's funny as hell man, sadistic and funny. But Aarei's Mom, I swear to god, the whole bit she was going at when the guys broke in and how blind she was to what was going on. I was laughing my ass off.
So, Aarei killed a bunch of people to summon Fable or something when he was 12. Interesting, I wonder why... Seems like a traumatized kid to me. Kinda pitiful, but he's starting to grow on me actually.
HellsDivine chapter 3 . 3/16
Lol Aarei got mistaken for a flatchested girl. Honestly several times reading this I kinda forgot he was a guy, just because he kinda talks like a girl. Not like in a "omg, like totallyy" way. just he doesn't seem extremely masculine. Although he beat the shit out of the dude anyway. XD
Dude, I kinda like the serial killer's style. He's a creative and he acts like what he's doing is completely normal. I think you got a serial killer's mind down perfectly. Poor guy, he just wanted a puppy. (
The last part was interesting. I'm wondering what the guys meant by instructions and what not.
Okay, I think I'm hooked to this story now. lol
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