Reviews for No Escape From Paradise
Storysmith chapter 1 . 4/21/2013
Not having read the larger story, I am sure I missed some things that would have had great impact, but I still enjoyed it. I think it was an interesting study in terror if nothing else, and the flashback was handled really well. It did not delve too deep, but it presented enough information to allow me to fill in the terror with my own imagination. :) I am not sure I liked the perspective change, mainly because it was rather abrupt within the narrative. I think it could have been broken more cleanly between the two, or maybe followed the human character right up until the last moment. It may be more of a formatting problem than anything to do with the actual writing. An extra space or line break may have made it seem less sudden. Also, as a note, the tense switches from past to present after the flashback, and then switches back to past when the...demons for lack of a better term enter the room.

I liked reading this, and I think it presents an interesting world. I will have to check out the larger story, mainly because you write in a way that I like to read, and it seems that you have some interesting premises/concepts that would be enjoyable to explore further. Great job! Best of luck!