Reviews for Memories
Poet Lordy chapter 1 . 10/21/2013
Hi Sarah,
I've just come across your work this evening with your additive "Seeing Them", I quite like your poetry, they certainly seem to have some element of experience behind them (topically) and because of this you can feel the hard felt truth behind the pen. "Memories" almost feels a little like a tug of war between you and your ex (in your choice of delivery) I'm not entirely sure whether the ex is bleeding through in his own words into the poem, it seems to be laced with a few unknowns. I like that.
Thank you, "Memories" certainly stirred my poetic mind.
Mr. Review chapter 1 . 5/4/2013
I think poetry is best when it rhymes; even to the detriment of the message or the structure of each line. In fact, I think the stilted language and contrived imagery helps frame the feelings that are so blatantly being portrayed. This poem shows us that a poem doesn't have to be well written, subtle or clever to be good, it must simply make the reader think and this poem certainly does that!

For that reason, I give this 5/5!

Another stellar review by Mr. Review!

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