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Guest chapter 30 . 10/15/2021
Wow, I've read this so many times (this AND IHASF!) but I'm not sure if I've ever left a review. YRM is one of my absolute favourite stories on fictionpress. It wouldn't make much sense to someone who hasn't read part 1, but I love it because even without any sexual tension to drive the plot along, it's such a well built story. The characters finally develop, Lila finally gets to be a real person who takes care of herself and her family, even the side plots are so well thought out! I hope I can write something as well put together and compelling as this someday. Thank you for this story!
vancgirl2007 chapter 30 . 12/3/2019
Sweetheart, I just spent the better part of the last 36 hours of my life, minus about 3 hours of sleep I actually forced myself to get, absolutely OBSESSED with this series... you could make this into a screenplay and I'd be the first one in line to see the damn movie. Don't ever let anyone (guest reviewer or not) tell you otherwise... this is good. You're good... like Danielle Steele good! Nicolas Sparks good baby girl... damn I wish I could write like you. Amazing... simply amazing.
REGRETABLE chapter 30 . 4/8/2019
I read the first story and almost stopped reading when Lila slept with Victor. I was honestly so incredibly mad - but I thought to myself, I've read so much already and the fact is Lila's YOUNG, she's hurt and young and naive and he groomed her a bit, but it wasn't fairytale, it was truth. I stuck through.

Keith left her, and I was heartbroken. I read this one immediately after and boy, this story.

I think my favorite part about these stories has to be the all of the sneaky side shit that goes on that doesn't get revealed to the main character to bring everything to light. People make selfish, emotional, immature choices and there are genuine consequences.

This really should be published - even when I was angry with their choices, it's just because it's so incredibly relatable. I hope you continue writing - this really was a joy.
Forever1227 chapter 30 . 5/4/2017
So, I have just now (finally) finished IHASF and now this and let me tell you, this is absolutely wonderful. I remember favoriting IHASF awhile ago but never got around to actually reading it. I'm very glad that I did! This is possibly one of the greatest stories I've read on this site (at least in the top five). Most of the time I had to keep reminding myself that this wasn't a real book. I overly appreciated the time and effort you put into this. You really are a very gifted writer and I'm pretty jealous of it to be honest XD. I know you haven't posted anything since 2015 but I'm absolutely in love with your writing style and would love some writing tips. I understand if you don't use this site anymore but just in case! Fingers crossed! :D
debcass67 chapter 30 . 1/26/2017
WOW! i have just found your stories and have spent the last 3 days reading them both, they are the best i have ever read, i have never laughed and cried over anyother story ever and i love the ending, everyone can use their own imagination as to what happens next. Very well done.
fivesevenfive chapter 30 . 11/14/2016
I spent a majority of my day reading IHASF and now this. The characters were so well-written. Every single one. The plot wasn't always predictable, and even though it seemed Lila and Keith would never find their happy ending, I'm so glad I kept reading to know they did. Now, I'm left to imagine hundreds of sceanarios of what became of Liza and Victor.

One thing that bothered me was why Keith didn't opt to get a new rental car when the Corvette broke down. Or he could've borrowed someone's car yet he subjected himself to 2 weeks of small town shit splat or whatever he called it. Hmmm.

Also you did a great job of painting the picture of a small town. Nobody wants to leave and doesn't think or care to know that there's a whole other world beyond their own.

Definitely am glad to have spent my day reading this!
Jia chapter 30 . 5/27/2016
hey love!
this is THE BEST STORY and I've read a great number of good ones.. the best you may say. but this is simply phenomenal and an inspiration for me. I've learned a lot this past week reading this story and almost clawing, crying and ruining my eyes :P
i love you for giving me Lila and Keith.
their story.
gulistala chapter 23 . 4/23/2016
Wow I hate Liza so much. What on earth happened to her?! When did she become so evil?!
gulistala chapter 16 . 4/22/2016
I really wanted to punch Victor before. Now I REALLY want to do it. What a tool.
froax chapter 29 . 10/16/2015
You are an absolutely amazing writer. I could almost hate or love you for making me so fond of Keith Corda and Lila Mae. Never have I ever experienced such highs and lows whilst reading a story on this website for the past 5 years but you've really managed to do that. Thank you, for this story and the first half of it in 'In hHis Arms She Fell'. There's so much I want to say but I don't really know where to begin and where to end. I suppose it's just me continually kissing your ass over how incredible this story is.

I don't know if you have, but you really should consider publishing these. While the Fictionpress community is huge, there is a negative stigma attached to being a writer on Fictionpress which dissallows the prideful or elitist to give any of these stories a chance - and that honestly seems to be everyone. I really hope to see more of your works soon - not only on fictionpress but maybe one day in bookstores too!
LexieLoo chapter 2 . 9/13/2015
Ok I take it back. Too dark. Way too dark! Why Jason!? Almost afraid too keep reading. Like if I don't hell somehow remain alive -and yes I get he's fictional, I never said it was a rational feeling!

Ok. Pancreatic cancer is an aggressive mofo. He might die. I'm mentally preparing myself. And I'm hoping if Jason is taking the brunt of the awfulness that Franklin might be spared!
LexieLoo chapter 1 . 9/13/2015
Hmmph. Well Rhonda is a bitch. My parents worked alongside the ministry for children and families and dealt with social workers and the like on a daily basis. Now I'm not saying that someone in the field for many years wouldn't be tired of seeing drug addicted mothers with babies, but the way she treated Lila as a criminal who was lucky to get this chance was a bit much. Yes Lila needed to hear that what she did, regardless of intent, was overdose and leave her baby unattended for several hours. That was important for her to hear. As for making her go to Midtown when there's an office in Harlem? That's bullshit. It sound like Head Start was founded to HELP people, and now she's putting conditions on that help all over the place. By coming to head start in he first place Lila is showing that she's trying to put the baby's needs first, she's working all the time and can barely afford childcare. So now the people 'helping' her are saying she has to cut out of work early and make a pricy hr long train trip (2 hrs return) once a week just to stay in he program? Ugh.

Sorry for the mini rant, kinda love the dark place the story has turned for now (mostly because I know things will get better!)
Guest chapter 30 . 5/15/2015
Based on what you've written about Liza I think that she ultimately decides to board the plane without contacting Victor. She's a runner, she can only take so much before she decides to run from her problems. On the flip side, she could have finally realize that she'll never have Victor the way she wants him. The only reason Victor called her back was when he was faced with the prospect of being a father. Victor will want to be a part of this child's life, if it is his, but I don't see him wanting a relationship with Liza outside of seeing his child. Liza has a lot of things to work through. I honestly don't see her getting together with anyone from her past. She needs to meet someone new and learn to leave the past well enough alone.
Sarah chapter 30 . 5/9/2015
I loved, loved, loved both stories! But, like many other people think I'm sure, the end is just so... Blah. All of that build up! To nothing.
SomeStories chapter 30 . 3/17/2015
Great couple of stories. This review is based on this and In His Arms She Fell. You did an excellent job writing and bringing each character to life. I loved how Victor's actions over the years came back to haunt him almost all at once. And I love how Liza ended up being a lot like Victor. I feel sorry for Harry, but nice guys do finish last it seems. And of course, I love that Lila and Keith are going to get married in the end after everything. I hope this gets published, sells a lot and gets made into a series or movie. I'll definitely watch it.
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