Reviews for The Recipe for a (Nearly) Perfect Story
Crow's Claw chapter 1 . 4/27/2013
I've read a lot of stories where the author could use the "flawed hero" bit so they stop making their character look like the chosen one or some perfect Mary Sue. Having read many stories online and produced from peers at school for out literary magazine, I'd just like to include an addendum to this:

First, having two diametrically opposed forces is becoming stale quickly. Both sides need to have some sort of appeal. Perhaps the Evil Lord has some reason for conquering the world- a traumatic death he experienced, a lost friend, doing what he believes will improve the world. It is not enough to simply have him (or her) opposed to the main character. As for the main character, please- I swear- do not make him an angel. Perhaps he charges recklessly (and to add to the character flaws you stated) suffers some sort of cost as a result, thereby raising criticism from his comrades. Perhaps, he has a speech impediment that detracts from charismatic leadership, or has weaknesses in some areas that his comrades must make up for.

There isn't even a need to have two polar opposites. Put them both in the middle with an array of positive and negative traits. It seems more realistic this way, as history has rarely if ever been about Good and Evil.

Thank you for posting this.