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Yaoigoddess01 chapter 1 . 5/27/2013
Oh I do enjoy this story! I like the name Kyo. I don't know what's going on either but I hate animal abuse so I hope he catches that rotten Rin! And why did that trash lid explode, and how did his camera fly?! This is coo coo bananas! Love it!
Rebeccie chapter 4 . 5/26/2013
I swear, I have heard that jackass reference before somewhere, as a meme or something. Please tell me where it's from, I'm dying to know
sorry, I can't decide on a favorite character just yet! It's still too early though, I'll decide soon I hope :)
cud-b-better chapter 4 . 5/26/2013
Working Ren out is getting even more difficult. Here is my hoping that the albino gets some retribution in the coming chapters. I'm also wondering why Ren wanted kyo's help in the first place if he was so confident in himself.
cud-b-better chapter 3 . 5/26/2013
I loved kyo's quote over eva's dead body for some reason that made me chuckle. I'm having a bit of difficulty trying to work out some of the char relationships in this. Particularly are ren and kyo friends or not, its a bit ambigious which isn't a bad thing. Noticed one typo 'polic' I think is meant to be 'police'
kingofe3 chapter 4 . 5/25/2013
Ika's monologue lasted too long. Not much happened here aside from the plan going into motion and Ken being as sweet talkative as usual.
boona chapter 3 . 5/23/2013
I just finished reading this chapter and I must say nice character description and overall layout. Must admit I'm curious as a cat with a guinea pig on where your story is going and will "Kyo" ever find out what happen to his cat without busting a major artery this dude a little wound a good way though.
boona chapter 1 . 5/23/2013
Your story is quite funny there were parts where I laughed out really loud like a loon inhaling laughing gas. Really looking forward to more.
Lolitroy chapter 3 . 5/22/2013
Funny chapter. You're pacing jokes a bit better now. I had to cover my mouth to keep myself from cracking up when Kyo is sent flying by Eva's megapunch (2 in the morning... not a good idea to burst out laughing.)

Ren sounds such a... you know what. He's awsome, though.

Where's the perv guy!?

I now see some rules incorporated. Nah, nevermind my last suggestion :3 I see the pretty temperamental girl, badas animal abuser and... Kyo. Kyo is Kyo.

Lolitroy chapter 2 . 5/22/2013
TEASE is epic. I'd definitely see it if it existed :3

Another humurous chapter. "How do you manage to break every breakable object?" made me crack up.

Eva sounds nice. I mean, nice in a weird way...
Anyway, hope to see plot in the furute chapters!
Argentum Vir chapter 1 . 5/21/2013
I have no idea what's going on here. I'm so confused right now, I actually want to keep reading and I have no idea why. *to himself* Possibly because this story is manipulative and as addictive as crack cocaine. Damn the Illuminati for coming up with such a cheap shot. *mumbles more*

Anyway, I think this would work so much better if instead of talking to himself, he talked to the narrator. Like the narrator asks him questions and he answers back. Make the narrator a voice that the reader can insert themselves into and it'll be like we're asking him the questions.

As for any cliches I could point out, I think there's likely more than a hundred you're probably going to put in here, I hope this is a satirical and humorous romp and not anything serious.

Psykofreac chapter 3 . 5/21/2013
Your character quirk are pretty entertaining so far. Eve seems kind of hot tempered and Ren is a smug jerk. I remember finding the 100 laws of anime a long time ago but can't remember mot of it now. I'll take a look at it again and see which I could spot in your story.
Y. S. Wong chapter 1 . 5/20/2013
Kyo and Ren sure seem to have an interesting relationship. Kyo definitely sounds better than Kya. This Ren guy is a dick, though. I hope there's at least an explanation behind why he likes to abuse animals.

Not much direction so far in the way of plot, but this sounds like a promising slice of life, so that's okay.
kingofe3 chapter 3 . 5/20/2013
This was a good chapter and the new character is quite funny. Didn't know Eva of all people was a lesbian (that only makes her more desireable).

I guess the story will be a quest after the braclet. Who knows what Kyo of all people will do with it, lol.
Rebeccie chapter 3 . 5/20/2013
Hehe this chapter was particularly anime-Luke. Like him flying across the room after being hit XD
Lolitroy chapter 1 . 5/19/2013
Kyo's an, uh, interesting character. Talks to himself, stalks people for the neck of it, says weird things... man, he's awesome.

I'll judge this for what it is-a humorous story with random stuff and some senselessness. Pretty awesome, I enjoyed the humor. But sometimes, it gets a bit out of place. Remember timing is REALLY important in comedy. Though I understand you, as I too write humor and know it's hard to keep people laughing, especially as chapters go on (you run out of ROFL ideas).

Anyway, I'd like if you change a genre to humor :3 Just an idea. Another one would be, say, listing some anime rules because frankly, I didn't find a single one.

And, I know backstory may be a pain sometimes, but it seems like people like it when you show stuff throughout the story instead of just babbling it somewhere. It makes the story more... story-like, y'know.

Anyway, t'was refreshing to read. Keep it on! You can make something really good out of this :3

P.S. Kya sounds like a fangirl's scream.

P.P.S. This is the longest review game review I've ever written! Yay!
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