Reviews for Lonely
Philippa Cooper chapter 1 . 5/22/2013
I always find pieces like this very telling of the author either by experience or by witnessing the themes within.
When I was younger, these themes went unnoticed though they were glaringly obvious in their intent and meaning. It's important for writers to explore all human emotion and no writer can do the theme of loneliness and self-harm as fittingly as a teenager. You have succeeded with more than adequate word choice and the finality of the sentences. They hang with a sense of longing.

The depth of this piece can only be felt through the empty space at the end of the sentences and I hope that these are intentional; A misunderstanding that even the subject feels.

Keep at it. These messages are important when executed like this.

Please take a look at my story if you want. It is called "Keeping."

Good luck with your writing!

P. .