Reviews for Thoughts Of My Days
Guest chapter 78 . 4/15
I have the sMw problem as you. There is a boy that I loved in fifth grade, and he bullied me then too. I've the slightest idea what to do now that I know he likes me, I can see it, I look at him, he looks at me, but in my heart as soon as leave my town, I don't want him anywhere near me. The boy slowly kills me each and every single day, if I even look at him strangely, I can sense that hatred that he had for me last year, coming up to barracked his feelings from the rest of the world. I loved him, yes, but I know that he'll be my doom, one day or another. Stay alive. -Pearl
a friend chapter 78 . 4/15
And you are mine Ally Cat please stay strong. It will get better. I will male sure of it.
A friend chapter 77 . 4/10
It is way more than enough
sapphireshadow15 chapter 77 . 4/7


sapphireshadow15 chapter 76 . 4/7
Me too.

Keep at it though, Man Upstairs says the ones who stay true get the ultimate reward in the end.

sapphireshadow15 chapter 75 . 4/7
No *hits with a newspaper*

Bad cat.
sapphireshadow15 chapter 74 . 4/7

I'm going through some very similar situations right now ._. heh heh

Glistening Pearl chapter 77 . 4/2
Yes. The Lord may have your faith, your trust, and your belief, but in the end you must surrender yourself to him.
Glistening Pearl chapter 75 . 3/30
I ojnce wanted to kill myself, well more then once, but I learned to distance myself from the horrors of the real world. The Lord found me then, he pushed 5 girls into my life and made worth living. Don't give up hope, I am here for you, and so is the Lord and his Son.
Anon TOWN chapter 74 . 3/24
Stop. Stop focusing on the "what if's" and focus on the "what is". What do you have in front of you right now?

"What if passing this up is the biggest mistake you make?"
Anon TOWN chapter 74 . 3/24
Sometimes you need to stop focusing on the "What if's" and think about the "What is".

"What if passing this up is the biggest mistake of my life?"
Glistening Pearl chapter 5 . 3/24
I agree, but I had a horrible dream about a world that put away a monster for a reason and I unleashed it, not knowing its power, and the world got raized. My scar from that was knowing that I did it.
sapphireshadow15 chapter 72 . 3/21
I love this song!

You'd better not be thinking about drinking whiskey and pulling triggers, though.

A friend chapter 71 . 3/17
I think those people are real and I think one of them is you.
a friend chapter 69 . 3/11
Its funny how this makes me think. I was wrong before. Did i make a mistake. It draws me to wonder if i lost my soulmate.
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