Reviews for Breakable
The Thirteenth Flame chapter 1 . 5/25/2013
Oh, my god. That was...Beautiful? Gorgeous? Pure? Poetry? I don't even know how to describe it. The raw emotions in there...There are few writers that can get that kind of raw power, that kind of love into their words so perfectly that it rips at the reader. Half the time, I'm not even sure I can. But what you did here did just that. The emotions literally tear at the hearts of people who read it - I don't really know that people can read that kind of stuff without feeling some spark of SOMETHING. I know even fewer that could identify what that 'something' was that they felt. I can't even do it. But believe me when I say that what you wrote here was BEAUTIFUL. The quiet beginning between Reed and Grace, when he tells her not to tell him he didn't understand, the memory of the stars on the ceiling...It was gorgeous.

Every word was used perfectly. Every syllable was perfect. Every single thing about this was pure and real. There was nothing fake or wrong or mistaken about this piece.

Even the title was perfect. It described this so well, how everything is so breakable, so evanescent. In a blink of an eye, somebody's entire world can change. Their life can shatter into a million pieces, and sometimes, nothing can put them back together. They can be reassembled, but there will always be cracks. After losing someone who was so important like Eve, this is doubly true. Because there is an inherent danger in giving away your heart, so much of your love into something as transient as human life. In doing so, you put yourself at risk. It's a worthy cause, and a risk worth dying for. But there will always be that pain, because hearts are fragile, breakable things.

And when Reed turns to drugs for his own comfort, to try and forget, it proves that fact even further. We love so much, and then we try to forget it, to drown the memories, to smoke away the sorrow with drugs and booze. But it never works. Even if our memories begin to fade and break, our hearts never forget the feel of love. They always remember that break, even if we don't. Things like that, they can't be forgotten. Not in a million years.

Because they are real.

So when Grace turned to him, and they both took solace in the other's brokenness, it was just as real and just as true. Because that kind of love, when you're in that kind of pain, you'll do anything to make it go away. For some, it's a short time cure, a drinking binge, a quick fix to a long term problem. For others, the way they try to fix themselves takes time and it may even work to a point. For others, it is giving out their heart again, or something equally as damaging, and it leaves them off worse than they were before.

Grace and Reed fall into the third category. The category of those who seek solace in each other and make it even worse. Because though they both felt better for the moments they were together, the separation when Grace was crushed by her own guilt (as I felt she was) made the situation worse, not better. Some things can't be made better. You said it best in the title. We are breakable. And not all things breakable can be fixed.

So thanks for posting this beautiful story. Know you have one new fan. And know that I am absolutely in awe for how you wrote this.

Thank you for posting and a million times, Bravo!