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Psykofreac chapter 49 . 10/23/2016
Hm someone told Jay Etoile isn't human? Strange. He also said some, so he's referring to Deux-fois too who's in human form now too or what? Oh and sorry I forgot to ask this earlier but what made Aeolus suspect Jay before, still curious on this, I'm not sure if it was explained.

Anyway, good chapter for setting up stuff, this series is starting to feel really sci-fi lol. The Deadlights concept makes me want a MtO game where we dodge these rays in the Earth Prime level. Oh and I keep forgetting Deux-fois isn't a phone anymore, needed to remind myself how to imagine her when she talked quite a bit lol.

Anyways, for shame Sena, for shame. You didn't even stick around to watch Camera sleep let alone take care of him while he's asleep? You lost a point, Deux-fois totally beat you here. Well at least her development was nice during her convo with Camera. Seems I almost caught up now, wow.
Psykofreac chapter 48 . 10/16/2016
Aw, Camfois bit was adorable. Love it how Deux-fois enjoys hugging Camera when he's asleep. Camera and Aeolus are having a fun time with their AI girlfriends. Markov seems to be the comically serious one of the group, now that I think about it and Deux-fois likes to pick on him, nice. Interesting how Jay is joining them on this mission now, I wonder how they're going to make him help out. There are probably some fun sadistic ways.

So hold on a sec here, the older AI of the 8th generation, made in year 2208. The newer AI of the 11th generation, made in the year 2009. Seems legit.
Psykofreac chapter 47 . 10/16/2016
A bit more one last chapter, I'm glad I guessed the killer but it's a bit obvious with Jay being the one in the pantry while Kaeti's body was hanging. It was cool seeing Aeolus' well intentioned extremist side though.

Interesting twist with Etoile being an AI. I thought she probably wasn't human because of how her life was faked and Singe's drug didn't work on her but didn't really guess she was an AI. Speaking of Singe, with the recent revelation, he probably came from the future and chased Aeolus back in time to this timeline now? I guess that answered some things.

I called it, the "players" were actually doing the bidding of the one calling himself God under the pretense they were competing in a game. Though arguably it's still a game and they're just pieces huh. It became pretty clear that it wasn't simply God setting up the game for his own amusement considering how things went out of his control.

Looking back, I wonder if they learned enough to unlock the secret of Simon they couldn't get with Reishi before. Now that I remember, the guardian did say he didn't kill "two" girls, I guess that might lead to a twist in how not killing two girls doesn't mean he didn't kill any girl. Though that could go either way, I don't know.

Last but surely not least, very sweet Aeoile dance at the end, they're pretty much canon now.
Psykofreac chapter 46 . 10/16/2016
I'm not sure what to say... I went into this chapter expecting Aeolus to make outrageous claims about how Jay pulled off a murder with some crazy use of the limited resources of the shelter and have it all make sense like in some Ace Attorney or Danganronpa case. Then all of a sudden, rat poison and mind control drugs? I guess I missed the bigger picture how this was a trap to catch Jay in the act, but it felt a little unnecessary because they they already caught him with the Mielium right? Not to mention, there were actual photos of Simon committing crimes.

Also, what was the point of messing with Camera's memories? Maybe it was to get people to doubt their own memories and be weaker that way but I pointed out the issue a couple of chapters back, there should have been more to lead people on. Other than Camera and Adrian, everyone was pretty consistent even if the difference with Jeanne's memory was subtle. Even some characters had doubts about that theory.

So it turned out Jay really is a bad guy huh. There were shades of a more ruthless side to him from time to time so it's not like it came out of nowhere, good work with that. Though there were many times when he acted friendly with everyone else and I can't help feeling sad it was all false. So the grandpa is Maescika Velour, aka future Aeolus huh, didn't see that one coming, nice Anagram though. With the time travel concept though, I thought maybe God was someone from the future like Camera.

I was going to ask how Aeolus developed his ability to mess with people's memories but now with his future self revealed, I think we may already have that answer. So this is the big one huh, well let's see how it goes.
Psykofreac chapter 45 . 10/16/2016
Wow, the murderer going to be revealed so soon and not only that, Aeolus is going to reveal the secret of God's Game? And he looks cool doing it? Does this mean the answer of this mystery will involve all those hints throughout the whole series? Damn, I don't think I could keep track of every one of them.

With just this case though, I was thinking that Kaeti was killed as a guinea pig. It turns out the pantry has a secret passage out of the shelter but they wanted to know if it was safe so Kaeti went out first and got infected by the alien plague and died after shutting off the passage again. After that, the culprit disguised the cause of death believing themself to be the killer.

Since Kaeti died looking calm, I was thinking maybe it was poison? But I don't think it was said there were any poison available in the shelter unless Deux-fois actually secretly provide someone else with a secret weapon. But the alien plague was mentioned and maybe it was true, I mean, there's a reason for the oxygen to be contained right?

But then again, I'm not so sure about this since only Jay could have done it and it's strange for him to stick around the pantry after disguising the cause of death. Also, I'm not sure how Kaeti's zipper plays into this. But the plague would make sense as a cause of death, maybe it might still play into it somehow? I hope so.

For the secret to God's Game, I'm not sure there's enough information to completely solve it(or I couldn't keep track of every bit in the 45 entries), so I think I'll try a guess. These nine kids were picked to be trained as soldiers to fight against an alien threat. I'm basing this off how there's an alien plague and that God seems well prepared in advance for this, already having these shelters with cryogenic pods. But then the alien plague may have something to do with the meteorites but they never plagued the earth before.

Well great chapter, this is getting really interesting. Except why have Etoile, Markov, Jay or most of those guys never read a detective manga before? I am disappoint. At least Camera and Aeolus were more genre savvy here. Seems like a whole lot will be answered next chapter, looking forward to it Zeke. I'm hoping it turns out really good.
Psykofreac chapter 44 . 10/15/2016
Nice how Sena only took like two chapters to get along well with jerk Camera even when it took Etoile and Aeolus over ten. Card game bit wasn't that interesting but considering this is a mystery arc, it might be building up to something. I mean, Adrian constantly winning weird right? Whatever. Markov does have a good point in how if they don't trust their memory, it doesn't make sense to claim this God is toying with them.

Anyway, I've been thinking about the rift thing a few chapters back, I wonder if this points out a limitation of the time loops. Like in some manga I read, controlling time at a small area makes it out of order with everything else. If the whole time loop thing is universal then there shouldn't be a problem really, though we already know it's not since the game participants aren't affected. Maybe only Earth is being looped, even if only the solar system is being looped, it might make it fall out of order with the rest of the cosmos. Guess we'll see soon.
Psykofreac chapter 43 . 9/12/2016
I don't know about Aeolus' theory that some being is taking liberty with their memories, at least consider other options. There's the pattern that most of their memories still seem up to date with each other except Camera remembering only until the first party, Jeanne remembering just as much without the vampire stuff and maybe Adrian. Why have just a couple of inconsistencies?

Though it's still possible the one behind it might be wanting to fake another cause, they don't seem to be leading these kids on enough to count on it. I wonder if Jeanne's in the same boat as Camera actually, maybe the vampire thing was another issue or she's still hiding it from Etoile even if she knows now. Might be a bit early to tell and at this stage, a whole lot is possible.

Even though there wasn't much progression in this entry, the character interactions kept things interesting especially with Camera's memory loss involved. The Camena moment was cute even though Camera wasn't able to appreciate it. Deux-fois is really playing up the Monokuma part huh, I wonder if she's doing it on purpose.
Psykofreac chapter 42 . 9/12/2016
Should I call this Millionronpa? Or Dangan to One? Great job though, now Monokuma's annoying high pitch will forever be my Deux-fois mental voice lol.

Anyways, it's strange how the distortion concept was introduced in the previous entry then one entry later, all these weird changes occur such as memory loss and people coming back to life. Maybe there's a link but so soon? Well the distortion thing seems to be building up to something, though I got doubts about it as a plot device since it can we the answer to many crazy shit that happens.

Speaking of that, I wonder if Etoile or Aeolus would consider that just about now. If I were them, I'd re-evaluate the whole situation just to make sure there aren't any other changes, such as with their own memories. I'm not sure about the rules of the game even though I'm familiar with Danganronpa now, you're not expecting everyone to follow that reference are you? Maybe some elaboration would do but from what we know at the moment, everyone is able to vote on who dies if they're those kind of people.

With that said, Hey look Kaeti! Almost forgot about her, glad to see her again. No, Camera, you're not locked with hippies just hardcore Yugioh Zexal fans. Also Camera already considers that place his room? Seems legit. So this entry seems more for setting up some big events to come, I'll see how that goes, keep up the good work.
Psykofreac chapter 41 . 9/5/2016
It's been a while since Satoru Iwata left us but rest in peace.

Anyways, fun chapter with Etoile breaking into the bakery and the basketball game. There were some nice moves in the game here and there, I enjoyed it. Though I realized how OP Markov and Simon is in general. Kind of lucky for the tear to close just as the trio jumped back through it.

Fun interview afterward too, I do feel the atmosphere of MtO is quite similar to Danganronpa actually. Makes me think of some questions I would like to ask myself. So the version you planned for MtO as a text based adventure and webnovel are really different right? Now that you went through with it being a webnovel, do you regret not having it as a text based adventure even though it would have been a lot more work?
Psykofreac chapter 40 . 6/23/2016
No! White Rose! Damn it Zeke! I was getting to like him!

Well, I guess you can do an arc finale pretty well. I like how after going through AIs, mercenaries(sniff), the PMC, Hallucinogenic spores and lasers, the final battle was against a crazy monkey. The battle was pretty cool, there was a bit of everything, the super battle between NoCam and Singe, Singe going One Winged Angel with that syringe and the whole house blowing up at the end.

I guessed he was going to use the phone, pretty neat though and nice how you brought back the Jeanne Bomb for this bit. I wonder what illusion Camera sent to Singe though, snakes? I mean monkeys are scared of snakes. It all concluded quite beautifully satisfying with the sunset and all except of course, the very last bit afterward. White Rose! Why must you die? He was cool...

I got a headcanon that some of the neighborhood went out to see Camera beating up a monkey out of context, that would be funny. I don't know why it's so hard to believe the injection didn't work on Etoile though, it was a new formula right? Many prototypes fail and even if not, modifications may cause it to work in a different way, like taking time for the effect. I guess it's more likely because there's something different with Etoile though since we already know from Jeanne, she wasn't normal and her origin was a mystery. I once guessed that she was an alien while rattling off randomly, maybe?

Anyway, rest in peace White Rose. He may have hated humans before but was able to learn to find the right path.
Psykofreac chapter 39 . 6/19/2016
Puh-lease Jay, if Markov had any rape victims then that captain guy from earlier would have mentioned it. Anyway, I'm glad to see Sena's up and doing well again and I'm glad White Rose gets to be cool here. It was a straight forward curb stomp battle against Brown Cepes but the dialogue between them was dramatic and impactful enough, quite shounen like.

Funny the way how Camera was panicking over the lasers, my first idea was Sena refracting them and making a path with her ice. Might have been cool but I guess Markov's portal works too.

And glad to see Etoile again and it seems she's been doing better since we last saw her.
Psykofreac chapter 38 . 6/18/2016
Wow, Markov is a gangster. I hope he's still a good guy though, I like him. I'm glad Camera didn't over angst about being a killer like I expected. It would be cool though if we find out more about Mr. Lapis Troj(?) later on and how he's not such a faceless mook like Camera though.

Anyways, I don't know if this is where things are headed but Jay has quite the build up as a villain now. Lately, he was shown to be pretty ruthless and he expressed some of that in his dialogue with Camera along with motive for him to feel that way. There's also how he wanted to speak to Camera privately and how killing someone was what he was impressed with Camera for. Sure, it was a necessity but actually being proud of it is disturbing.

And Camera's Zoom Vision can see out of the fourth wall now? Nice. Also, apparently Aeolus is bi?
Psykofreac chapter 37 . 6/18/2016
Damn so much suspense on Sena's condition right now, hope she's doing alright. I know there's a lot of party members now but I'm quite interested in White Rose and a part of me hopes he turns good. Speaking of which, not sure why Black Lotus had to die. Singe was like "How dare you betray me White Rose, now die Miss Most Expensive Card!" Just thought he'd fire at White Rose. Well, RIP Black Lotus.

Simon's mom was such a sick bitch, he shouldn't feel bad in any way for killing her. Sucks how divorce cases get handled like this, wonder what happened with the dad. It feels like there may be something set up in the future by how the dialogue went.

And Kaeti feels like she'll become a bit of a butt monkey now lol.

Well, I know I haven't read in a while but I'm glad to be back. I guess I can marathon quite a bit now.
Psykofreac chapter 36 . 6/17/2016
So we're now caught up on the events leading up to Camera in that dream world, hope Sena makes it through. In my opinion, the fight had been really long, maybe so but you seem to enjoy it this way. At least lately there was some reactive dialogue/monologue that helps the pacing. There were some nice moves and combos with the powers, I liked the portal cut done by Markov, much like what Knov did in HxH. Though I'm not sure it works the same way with gravity.

Also still some funny parts, Phil gave me a laugh.
Psykofreac chapter 35 . 5/3/2016
Damn I just couldn't help but smile about how sweet Camera was to Deux-fois at the end of this entry, again it's made more amazing when who remember how far he came from being the jerkass from the first loop. It must have been tough for Deux-fois though, iwht how she was mistreated and stayed cheerful afterward.

The way how Camera saw through the fake Deux-fois was a little cheesy though. Can't believe you got an imposter who looked just like her yet we don't get the both of them in a spot the imposter moment. Okay that's cheesy too, but only slightly less. Also Camera won't rest until he's inspected every suspicious looking nook and cranny, I had to say that, that was inevitable.

I think you're pretty creative at coming up with the various crisis Camera has to pull through. We got a shadow boy, giant worms, spiders, monster plants, lagging static dad and now robotic versions of his friends in a digital world. Now I wonder how Sena's doing since the other AI couldn't be trusted.
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