Reviews for Bubble Bath Therapy
Dreamers-Requiem chapter 1 . 9/7/2013
[That night commenced my bubble bath therapy] This confused me, because at the start he says he hasn’t had bubble baths in six months, but Charles has seen him have one and their relationship only lasted a month, so where’s the gap? I feel like things in the relationship itself feel rushed, and was surprised to find it was a month. It seems like a lot to happen in such a short space in time, and it really made me feel less for Todd when he says he loves him if they’ve only been going out that long. It makes me think he really is very naïve, and makes it understandable that Charles breaks up with him. I feel like you’re trying to make Charles seem like bit of a dick in the way he treats him, but he doesn’t come across that way and a lot of that is due to the time frame. So yeah, just a couple of things to consider plot-wise if you come to revise this.

The writing itself is fine, it flows smoothly and Todd has a decent voice that comes through nicely. Hope this helps.