Reviews for Suicide Note
JoBelle516 chapter 1 . 8/16/2013
Just in case you can't find it: Private Messaging through this site, answer to your question. And again, this piece really pulls at my tear ducts

oh, bugger. if you look on the left of your computer screen, not off the screen but still on it, then there should be a Private Messaging with a (1) or other number in it. Look in there for your in and out box, and you'll find the messages. but you would have done that to find this. see need retail therapy, aspirin and salad roll. bye
jobelle516 chapter 1 . 8/15/2013
What, is that it? I checked out your bio, not much there. You are the kind of person I want at my dinner table. Let's not do lunch, come and stay a while and write at your own desk. Share your thoughts and stories not just for entertainment, but to feed our psyche.

I have read some stuff before, that I'd considered quality literature. This piece, is long and wordy. You need quality punctuation, paragraphing needs tidying up. It's harsh on the eyes. My favourite grumbles: your or you're, their or they're or there. And this could have best been considered for three chapters, that makes it so much easier to view.

But, honestly, let's not dwell on those things. This is the most audacious piece of writing. {and now I question my flow of words and grammar. grammar is my worst}
I am gob smacked by the quality here, it is fan-bloody-tastic.

What I find disturbing, is that I am changing or more so, acknowledging an appreciation of the dark side of me. My studies this year makes me want to give you a scenario to work with. How does a starving human from a developing country (3rd world existence) attempt suicide? Where is the soul mate for the child-teenage-adult with skeletal arms and stomach so distended?

I'm all for pro choice, and being selfish, just be considerate to those who will find you. But your angle for the daughter, gave me a reason for him to live, to stay. I wanted him to save her. At least the our-boy-without-a-name stood up to the abuser.

Thank you, and {now and forever} live long and prosper. mwah on your cheek.