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SailorPikaAngel chapter 20 . 12/30/2016
What a beautifully written story! I was a bit apprehensive with Hydra seemingly terrified of Tabidius, but the way you laid out their story of him being there when no one else was. He offered her comfort and protection in his actions even though his aura as a wraith caused her to be terrified of him. I was truly a bit worried he was going to be abusive, but even though he pushed her boundaries, he did show he cared.

The idea of a wraith on a different plane is such a unique and clever idea! The lupus is interested as something that is in Hydra that grows. However I am a bit confused about the idea of a proxy? What does that mean? I know Hydra acts as a host and when she kills the Lupus has taken over and she does not remember. Or is it the proxy that is able to kill as Hydra sleeps in order to feed the Lupus (which is an egg that needs to be fed with fear and blood until it hatches)?
Tabidius is such an interesting character. He wandered with no clear path except worry about his own needs until he met Hydra. He protects her, watches over her, and even helps creates a sanctuary where she can kill, heal, and feed in a safe environment. It was nice to see a human side especially when he was growing tired by the weather and showed more affection and kindness which I really loved reading their interactions. However in the next chapter you showed his true side and being almost cruel. That was a devious and smart way to wake up all the readers. Yes he may have a softer side, but underneath he can still be ruthless and demanding. So it is nice to srr him be sweet to Hydra but I'm sure he will stop at nothing to protect her and his nature is definitely not warm and cuddly.

Btw- I adore their chemistry! Hydra is supposed to be the innocent one and was initially too terrified to even kiss. I am so happy she has grown and even taken initiative! It shows the depth of Tabidius love that he restrains himself so that she can be protected with the powers during the equinox. I also commend you for addressing the idea of love. For him being a wraith and feeding on lust, hate, anger, death, and fear, he definitively would not know about the idea of love. He understands the idea of mates. However I truly enjoyed how Hydra explains to him about love- the selfishness, jealousy. Although she should have mentioned his protectiveness- protection from bullies and also protecting her by reminding her to eat. Also even though he feeds on fear, I loved reading how he said he doesn't feed on her because he loves her personality and for who she is and he doesn't want to take that away.

However, what caused him to stay away for one year? I know the Others are jealous, but wouldn't they have tried to make a move during his absence? I am enjoying their bubble, but it seems like I am waiting for the shoe to drop. He has enemies and I'm sure that they would make a move before the Lupus hatches or he binds Hydra with more protection. I look forward to the battle and blood. But, I cannot WAIT until the equninox and they compete the wraith's bonding as well. I look forward to reading your interpretation on that!
I hope you update soon!
tehmightypirate chapter 18 . 7/13/2013
The small details and wonderful descriptions of this chapter really stand out in the best way. Very often one sees books that go out of their way to give the reader a grandiose description of the events or surroundings. However, I find that more often than not these descriptions fall short of giving me a clear view of what is trying to be conveyed by the author. Not this chapter, and definitely not this story. Simple little things used by the author convey not only an amazing sense of the sorroundings but also give those perfect little details that bring the story to life.

The sticky burrs in thr forest, the single maple tree with fall colors, the thanatorium, the tree roots holding the bones in them, it's all so perfectly simple to not only provide a wondeful description of the area or situation but it's simple in its subtlety which allows the reader to hold that one clear detail in their mind and let their imagination spread out from that detail until they have the whole scene in their head.

This chapter also wonderfully answers some nagging questions about Hydra and the Tullianum. Can't wait to read more.
FamishedNight chapter 18 . 7/9/2013
tehmightypirate chapter 13 . 7/2/2013
"Too exhausted to keep up the waterworks" has to be one of the best lines I've read in a long time. Simultaneously hilarious but also quite apt. I think most people have felt that way at least once or twice.

This chapter is very interesting in a lot of ways. First, it actually doesn't explain much to the reader or answer many questions we didn't already have answers to. However, it's exciting and fascinating to read how Hydra reacts to the news. The contrast between this time period and the present period are fascinating. Here Hydra is very unsure of what to do and not entirely okay with what's happening. However, afterwards we've seen how calmly she accepts what she has become.

Then there's Tabidius. I didn't think we had much of his origins left to explore. Goodness was I wrong. This chapter expands his character even more.

Anyway, must eat food now. If there was another chapter I probably would have skipped food for now. Amazing book.
tehmightypirate chapter 12 . 7/2/2013



Very wow.

This chapter is just amazing. Not just because it's quite good lemonade but the sudden tone shifts of your book are wonderfully exciting. You never know what the next chapter will hold. Goodness this is good stuff. Could barely keep myself from skipping work to read the next chapter.
HopelessGenius chapter 13 . 7/2/2013
Well that was rather...yummy. Just like Tabby *sigh* Why can't all men be so willing to give in to their lovely girlfriends? *insert significant look towards boyfriend*

But yes, I definitely think some smexy time was in order for these two even though this is like the what, second day they've been together since the beginning of the story? Your stories move at an incredibly fast rate, and I like that. Some readers enjoy the anticipation of the first kiss or sex scene but I don't. I really REALLY don't. I hate it when authors make you wait until the very end to get any action in...

Ahem, anyways, I'm rambling again. These past couple of chapters have been absolutely amazing; and I feel like I had something to comment on but I just can't remember. I would have reviewed on all the chapters but this manager...I swear she's trying to kill me with her eyes. I think she's imagining me as some delectable sishkebab. Ian has been distracting her with the glorified green paper that we use to buy stuff, but it's not working as well as it did a few hours ago...

Now I remember! The one thing I did have a question on was about the fingerprints and the general murder of the friend Dinah. Can you even get fingerprints off of a corpse? And even if you could, why would they be concerned about any fingerprints on the dead girl's foot if she was hanged? And if Hydra was a friend of Dinah's, shouldn't it be expected that her fingerprints would be about the house? Sorry, but that whole thing didn't seem entirely realistic to me. It's not like police can determine the EXACT time a fingerprint was made, so how would they know if Hydra saw Dinah and didn't call?

Well either way, that scene doesn't really take away from the rest of your story. I was just a bit...iffy about the whole murder thing. And I also wanted to type more to see if I can make the manager any angrier. It's quite amusing to catch her angrily staring at me from behind a computer screne.

Ah, the boyfriend calls. Apparently he wants to go whale watching...

tehmightypirate chapter 11 . 7/1/2013
I'm not usually one to gush buckets of praise about an entire book in these reviews, rather I tend to be highly critical of smaller details in each chapter. With that in mind, this is a definite departure from my usual review.

That said, this entire book is an amazing, outstanding, and wonderfully mind-blowing experience. I actually had to sneak in a little reading after my lunch break because I could not put this book away after getting most of the way through this chapter. If this were a complete book I would not have been able to put this book down. I can already tell that this will be one of my all-time favorite books, no question.

Goodness, I don't know if I can (or even want to) describe what makes this chapter so wonderful. The previous chapters have done such a phenomenally good job setting the stage up to this point. Tabidius has been established as a huge enigma and an overall "scary dude"; so much so that even we readers fear him. Yet we don't know why were are afraid of him and he honestly seems like a fairly nice person. Likewise, Hydra has been established as a fairly typical person. More than a little reclusive but still not weirdly so. But she hears voices in her head and seems to prey on something, or someone. "Little monster" seemed to carry far too much weight to be just a funny nickname to me. "Dark secret" is certainly an apt description if I had to come up with one.

So, when reading this chapter it gives just enough answers to satisfy the reader's "need" for more information about the characters but holds enough back that it almost adds more questions than it answers. It's a wonderfully delicious chapter in the literary sense. Like giving a small cup of water to a person dying of thirst.

Then the details, oh the details. (SPOILERS AHEAD)

At the start of the chapter the reader is suddenly gut punched by Hydra stumbling in upon her friend Dinah. We're told she committed suicide but it honestly seems like it wasn't entirely her fault or even choice. Still, the simultaneous introduction of the origins of Tabidius, coupled with Dinah's death, make for one heck of a start to this chapter.

Following that we have some interesting and wonderful details about how Tabidius comes to spend time with Hydra and how, in her shock and grief, she accepts him as a companion for the most part. Then, you lead us into the most shocking scene I've read in a long time. It's almost a shame you have the disclaimer at the top of the this chapter because I bet the shock and power of this chapter could have been even more than it already was for me. Still, even with that, the fact that Hydra almost got raped and then was saved by Tabidius just floored me. Then, as if I wasn't shocked enough, she coldly kills her attacker in the most shockingly satisfying way possible. It's wonderfully appalling and yet simultaneously visceral and exciting. You want to see her turn into a monster. You want to go on this journey into the darkness with her. I can't help but feel a wonderful connection to Hydra and when she murdered her attacker; I was cheering her on in my head, despite such an act going against much of what I believe in. I had just such an unexpected response to this book and it is very, very powerful.

Goodness, I can't shut up about this chapter, or book. I must go write more reviews of Avenari because I've been slacking, but if you've already finished that book and are looking for another one to take it's place, this is the one. Oh goodness I can't wait for more to be uploaded.

This book needs to be published.
HopelessGenius chapter 6 . 6/27/2013
This story is so...epic. I love Tabby, he's amazing, and it seems like he's perfect for Hydra. He scares her enough to feed her "secret". And he's just so yummy... *sighs longingly*

Anyway I have to go write some more. I'm going on vacation soon and writing time will be far and few between so I'm trying to shove an update in but we'll see...

Pissy Abyssinian chapter 5 . 6/26/2013
Hooray for speedy updates! Thanks for another great chapter. I really like the voices in Hydra's head and how they not only have distinct personalities, but her reactions to them vary as well. I'm definitely curious about where Tabidius might be and what the lights are at the end :D
Soggiest.v2 chapter 5 . 6/26/2013
This story is highly interesting and entertaining. I love the touch of mystery and I love Hydra and Tabidius, they're both intriguing in their own ways.

Your writing flows really nicely and the pace is great- you got right into the good stuff. The cliff-hanger on chapter 4 is so very cruel and I cannot wait for more.
Pissy Abyssinian chapter 4 . 6/25/2013
I am absolutely in love with this story. I love the fact that it dives right in giving the reader enough information that they don't feel lost or overwhelmed, but still leaves enough mystery that they stay in suspense. Hydra is a great main character because she shatters the mold of the supernatural female protagonist while still remaining relatable. And Tabidius? Well he's just nummy. I'll definitely be following this and I can't wait to read more 3
tehmightypirate chapter 4 . 6/24/2013
Interesting chapter. Pretty much a direct continuation of the previous chapter but I can see why you broke it up, both are reasonably long.

Great description of the painting that Hydra made. Really clear and easy for the reader to picture. Often I find that a lot of people have trouble describing something like that but you captured it quite well. I like that she's fairly morbid with her art, too. It fits her personality a lot.

Not much else to comment on except that I'm itching to know why Hydra is so afraid of Tabidius. He seems powerful and slightly unstable but I'd be more afraid of Andris in Avenari than Tabidius. You really have got my interest piqued.
HopelessGenius chapter 3 . 6/23/2013
I enjoy that little reference to Avenari with the Silence and all that and I especially enjoy Tabidius. He's just so...yummy but terrifying. I'm dying to know how they know each other and how all this engagement business came about. But only time will tell, I suppose.

And do I sense a love triangle somewhere in here? Between Hydra Tabidius and Evan? Or am I-never mind I know I'm crazy.

But I do love that eerie vibe Tabby gives off. And yes I'm just going to call him Tabby these squiggly red lines are bugging me. I can't wait to see how terrifying he becomes :)

HopelessGenius chapter 2 . 6/23/2013
Flying saucers and bovines...ha that was a good one. I laughed maybe a bit to hard.

And the line "I'm not spectacular, but I'm not dead," was really touching to me. It makes my heart ache (or it would if I actually had a heart and not a black hole) whenever she speaks. She's so lonely but obviously not because you know voices. :)

I totally connect with the self-amusement thing. I amuse myself daily with my own stupidity. Like today I saw a fly on the ceiling and decided to get it but not with a newspaper. Nooo I had to get fancy and catch it in a glass so I could save it. Lets just say that my favorite coffee mug is now shattered and I have a bruised hip from falling off the chair. But Ian's face when he walked in on me laying on the floor...totally priceless.

Ahem anyway now that I'm done with awkward story time I'm moving onto the next chapter. I'm sure it'll be just as amazing as this one :)

HopelessGenius chapter 1 . 6/23/2013
Why you...just...I can't...DAMN IT WHY CAN'T I EVER GET ANYTHING DONE?! I'm this close-THIS CLOSE I tell you-to finishing a chapter of Define Legal when BAM! I happen to get a little bored and BAM! I happen to creep on your profile and BAM! There goes my desire to write. So thank you, Cyh, for completely controlling my short attention span and filling my brain with such pretty pictures!

But a hydra: the beast with a hundred heads. Well in this case she seems to only have five and the heads are just personalities floating about in her mind but it's brilliant. A very clever twist on an ancient creature if I do say so myself. But Chase...that bastard is already on my shit list.

Anywho I'm off to the next chapter. Maybe I'll finish one of my own by I don't know next year or something...

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