Reviews for The Lady of the Lake
MysteriousFire chapter 1 . 3/17/2014
Phantom told me a while ago to read some of your stuff and I'm glad I finally did :D
This short story is amazing! I can't believe it has no reviews!
I'm usually quite good at predicting stories but you caught me off guard twice. First, I did believe that the spirit was lonely and misunderstood. Second I didn't see it coming that Grandma had saved the spirit.
However, with that last paragraph you made me reconsider the spirit being mean and sly and all. Maybe it was just the last woman who was tricked in, finding a way out. That would mean that from now on she has to live in the body of a young boy, which I find very interesting.
What I love about this story is that there seems to be no way out. The only way to get Ghordo out of the lake is by someone else falling in!
I have one little remark. Grandma seemed to be so sick that she was close to dying, yet she came running after him and seemed fairly strong in my imagination. But oh well, doesn't matter much.
Amazing job on this one and I'll sure be back to read more of your stuff