Reviews for Berserk Soul
Tobi-sama chapter 29 . 3/10
That's what I'm talking about, new techniques for Dren.
Update soon, I'm hungry for more action... :D
Guest chapter 1 . 3/10
Good decidedly
Aquade chapter 29 . 3/9
Prof. Req's son is a Berserker too! That would really make it harder for Dren if he fights him...
Aquade chapter 28 . 2/28
Great story! I absolutely loved it! One of my personal favs. Update soon!
Tobi-sama chapter 28 . 2/27
This review is for the last two chapter.
I love the fact that the whole event can be pictured in my head like a movie, this implies that your descriptions are good.
Dren is a berserker and is not too good in using the berserk mode, I hope he improves and developes some techniques to defeat any of the 8 borne.
Let me ask; what's with those girls always tackling Dren to the floor?
I enjoy reading 'berserk soul'. It inspires me.
Bastard From North chapter 27 . 2/9
Sorry for not reviewing sooner : /
Haa, so Req and that snake dude is evenly matched :P And he didn't seem too happy Dren and his group being around. But they can't complete the request he had, there is "small" block in front of the doors :D I guess that random dude who came out of no where was Req's son?
Abn0rMaL chapter 26 . 1/13
Oh damn... that cliffhanger e.e

I love how action-packed this chapter is. Plus, we finally get to see Prof. Req kick some ass! Personally, I think you should have Dren carry his teammates back to the academy. But omg I really want to see the fight between the professor and Khzral ASAP... ;u;

Uhh... can we have both? c:
omega1012 chapter 26 . 1/13
Dren and Req v Khazari!
The rest sent back :)
Bastard From North chapter 26 . 1/13
That was great! I would like to see how their fight turns out and then again I would like to see what happens when Dren carries them to school :D I am no help with the decision :D
I gotta say that Khyzral is really interesting person and reminds me of snake :D
jamesisawesome chapter 25 . 1/4
Great fight so far, fast paced and detailed just the way I like it. I liked Khyrzal's observation about how all heroes are all the same and how clich├ęd Dren is, that was pretty interesting to me. There's just one problem I see here: It was said earlier that the entirety of Berserk Soul couldn't take down one Stage 4 Infest, but they've actually managed to incapacitate one of the 8 Borne. I guess it's not bad if they actually manage to beat him, it just creates some inconsistencies in the plot.
Bastard From North chapter 25 . 1/4
Hey, you can't leave it like that, now I am totally hooked to this story :D
You really are good author! Keep up the good work :)
omega1012 chapter 25 . 1/4
nice :)
Abn0rMaL chapter 24 . 12/27/2013
I've read your whole story in one sitting. It's amazing, and it's definitely one of the better stories that I've read on this site in a while! Though the formation on a group to combat a common enemy created by a scientist is nothing new, the way you go into detail about Darkrise's ranking system and classes is awesome. Speaking of Darkrise, I'd appreciate it if you went into a little more detail about the school itself. So far, we only know that it is two stories (3 if you count the roof), is large, has a track field, and is surrounded by a forest. As for the characters, I think they're pretty good. Dren is fine, just don't make him too extremely focused on revenge for the death of his parents. Maybe make one the girls (or maybe Lupus? o-o) hospitalized. I also feel like there should be more rivalry between Kalo and Dren. A prodigy vs. A predator kinda thing. For the girls, they confuse me _ . Like in the beginning I thought Kiere would be some bad ass transfer student who only "appears" to be innocent, shy, and kawaii but would kill you in 2.5 seconds if you say something that she doesn't like. I thought Bella would be more like a witch than like a support character, casting spells, turning Infests into frogs, etc. I think Sena is fine, but you should go into more detail on her skills as a Defense-type class. Actually, you should do that for all of the characters :P I like Lupus, but I feel like the potential he had in the beginning has dwindled down a bit. Like I said earlier, you should make him hospitalized so that he'll strengthen his resolve to become stronger and kick some Infest ass once he gets out. Maybe you should make him fight one of the 8 Borne? o-o

That's all I have to say for now. I love this story xD Keep it up, you little nugget c:
Tobi-sama chapter 23 . 12/19/2013
I'm liking this.
jamesisawesome chapter 21 . 11/24/2013
Things are heating up. I like it. I've said it before, I'll say it again: You are great at set up. I'm already excited to see the rest of the 8 Borne and this supposed war. Just remember, if you're going to do something as big as a war, don't glaze over it. Don't just do one fight scene between two characters, vaguely mention a battle going on nearby, and then mention how there were X number of casualties. If you want intensity in your story, you need to do this.
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