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Shadowswept chapter 23 . 9/29/2014
Finally, they're going out! Having Hunter leave made us miss him too. I really enjoyed their conversations, especially when they talked on the phone. Guys don't talk much about their feelings, especially a guy like Hunter. You did a great job of conveying his emotions without him getting overly wordy. Once again, the realistic portrayal makes their relationship believable. The pacing is great, with Carly realizing in increments that she's becoming attached to him. Yet she's still uncertain about what is happening between them. Readers can relate to her, because they've probably experienced a lot of the same emotions.

Oh boy, all the drama with Jake and Isa is coming up! I'd almost forgotten about that scene at the dance, and I'm looking forward to reading about it through Carly's point of view.
Shadowswept chapter 21 . 9/27/2014
I mentioned that about your brother in the last review, because of you mentioning him in your notes and because this chapter showcases Carly's relationship with Scott. There's the sibling annoyance but also the caring and concern. It made me laugh how well he knew her and figured out that she was going to the game because of Hunter. I also liked how she tried not to ask about his conversation with Hunter so she wouldn't give away her feelings. You are really good with including details that add realism to the story, even a fun and cute story like this one. The mentioning of the school colors was another thing that I wouldn't have thought of adding, but all your descriptions-both emotional and physical-ground the story in realistic details that give it more substance than just the new girl taming the school player. They come across as real people, and that's why you had so many followers on this story. We all love that fantasy, but you made it seem realistic.
Shadowswept chapter 20 . 9/27/2014
So, I read ahead a few chapters because I had to keep seeing what happened next. This was a good chapter. The question game was a good idea for them, and the reader, to get to know them better. What you wrote about his dad was so true. My friend told me that he's shared the story of how he lost his dad with very few people, so I felt privileged that he opened up to me.

The rest of their game was very cute. I laughed when Hunter asked if that was her question. I think it's realistic how they're falling for each other slowly. I liked his fake out when she thought he was going to kiss her. I also enjoy reading your notes and getting little glimpses into your life. Since you have a brother, you know what the brother/sister relationship is like.
Shadowswept chapter 19 . 9/24/2014
Sorry, that was waffles not pancakes. Anyway, I enjoyed this chapter.
Shadowswept chapter 19 . 9/24/2014
I like that she's not making it easy for him. Hunter is realizing that he has to change his ways if he wants to be with Carly. This chapter was very cute with him making coffee and pancakes for her. He was also being a gentleman, and he's proving that he really likes her. I love how he asked her what he can do. He's developing into a more thoughtful and considerate guy.
Shadowswept chapter 18 . 9/22/2014
I had a feeling that you got mixed reviews on this chapter, so I skimmed through them. I personally loved this chapter, and I disagree with the people who didn't believe that she could get so drunk off that amount of alcohol. People who drink forget that a novice drinker hasn't built up a tolerance to alcohol. Plus, two people can drink the same amount of alcohol and be affected differently. It all depends on the person and how their body processes it. As for saying that it's unlikely that so many guys would hit on her, it's already been established that Carly is attractive. Now I come to the criticism that it's out of character for her to behave this way. The fact is that she was upset and wanted to forget her troubles for awhile. It's unrealistic to expect people to be perfect all the time. We all have breaking points, and we all get depressed sometimes.

There was also the comment about this chapter being cliche, with the good girl getting drunk. Well, I've always been considered a good girl, and I've been drunk. People just want to cut loose sometimes. Take for example Pam on The Office getting banned from Chili's. So much fun! Like I said, I loved this chapter. I enjoyed the role reversal with Hunter being the responsible one for a change. His behavior here made him more attractive to me. There were also many funny moments that made me laugh. Telling him that he's so hot and to take her all the way. Hunter's replies were what made them hilarious. This is a fun story, and you keep delivering on the fun. I also loved his confrontation with Isa.
petrisha.naidoo chapter 33 . 9/18/2014
Lovely story ,so cute and sweet from where they started to where they came.. it can't be finished .. I want to know what's gonna happen next where do our lovely couple go do they have a happily ever after do they carry on the romance/ love story what's in store for them . what happens in colleage do they still stay together or is they another plot to this story I want more. was so addictive that I can't get enough and am sad that its over.
Shadowswept chapter 17 . 9/14/2014
So I had to go straight into reading the next chapter after all the drama in the previous one. You foreshadowed the thing with Logan and Andrea, but I didn't expect it to be revealed that way. I can understand why she'd want to seek comfort in Logan's arms after everything that happened with Hunter. Logan was familiar and safe, and she missed that. What a terrible disappointment their reunion turned out to be!

Then she goes to the party and is confronted with the sight of Hunter and Isa. I really loved the sweet scene with Jake, even though it upset her even more. I don't know what I would have thought of how he responded to Carly if I hadn't read his story first. I already adore Jake, but he's so nice in this story too that I can't imagine I'd have a negative reaction. I'd just be curious about why he rejected her. By the way this chapter ended, I don't think the drama is over yet. I'm having a lot of fun reading this!
Shadowswept chapter 15 . 9/13/2014
Wow, I love all the drama! And your note promises more, so I'm excited. Well, Hunter messed up pretty bad, but I'm glad she caught him before it went too far. Despite that, it's obvious now that he has feelings for her. But oh boy, she told him off good! I really admire Carly for speaking her mind. Isa is being mean, but I'm enjoying knowing the backstory there from having read The Back-Up Plan.

Poor Nat. I hope things work out for her with Sam. And I remember Casey from the other story too! I have a feeling I know what kind of drama will happen during Carly's trip from a hint you gave in another chapter.
Shadowswept chapter 14 . 9/12/2014
I know that accidentally running into each other naked is a cliche, but it's so fun! I laughed at his comments, and I like him for only looking instead of trying something. The chapter turned serious after that. You're doing a great job with this misunderstanding between them. It's bringing drama to the story and keeping things from escalating too fast. Scott's protectiveness is sweet, but I like how she's calling him out for being a hypocrite since he's a player too.
Shadowswept chapter 13 . 9/11/2014
That is so sweet! I also like how it came about naturally in the story. A guy saying that can sometimes seem fake and contrived, even in real life. It can be especially tricky in a story, but you pulled it off in this chapter. Every girl loves to hear that if it's sincere.
Shadowswept chapter 12 . 9/9/2014
There was a lot going on in this chapter. It's great how you didn't forget about her old life and never mention it again, as I tend to do. Logan would definitely be curious about her new life, even if it was a mutual break up. It would still be tempting to check Facebook and keep tabs on your ex. Whoa, I'm getting to see Isa's intimidating side in this story. It's a very clever way to add drama to the story and pace the development of the relationship between Carly and Hunter. And I like that Jake is still in the story.
Shadowswept chapter 11 . 9/5/2014
I'm impressed by how different Hunter's POV is from Jake's. You do a great job of getting the voice of each character right. I liked getting insight into his relationship with Natalie, and he also views Isa as smart, so that shows that he has good taste when he's not just going for the easy girls. I really got a kick of the text messages between him and Carly. That was so fun, and it made me laugh.
Shadowswept chapter 10 . 9/4/2014
It's fitting that the word perfect is in the title of this chapter, because it was perfect. This is my favorite chapter so far. The flow here was natural and realistic with their wavering emotions. It was a mix of excited and hesitant, which is exactly how first dates are. Hunter is becoming more likeable now, and their little game is cute. This was lovely without being overly sweet. In the words of baby bear, this one is just right!
Shadowswept chapter 9 . 9/4/2014
Cute chapter! The girls are sweet to help her get ready, and I really enjoyed that scene when they were all primping for their dates. It was such girly fun. As for Carly's mom, she's very trusting of people. Most mothers would be wary of a boy their daughters told them was a player. I like how Hunter lost his cool at the end of this chapter.
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