Reviews for Does It Have To Be a Small Town?
CupsOfTea42 chapter 2 . 8/17/2013
What?! This is so awesome! I am loving this story and its only just beginning! And I have a feeling I now what's happenin'!;) Don'tcha just love wolves?

Elma seems like a good character. Although I think she should have stood up for herself when Jasmin was being rude. I hope in the future she does!

I absolutely lost it when I read how everyone got silent when she entered the room, and my parents actually asked if I was ok:3 I'm not sure why I thought it was so funny but I could oddly picture it:D A room full of cute guys and as soon as she walks in everyone is like "Girl. Girl. GIRL. There's a girl here!"(Ah the strange things that pop into my head...)

From so far everything looks fine:) Your grammar was perfect if you ask me (though I'm not a grammar nazi). The pace wasn't to fast or unbearable slow although I think a little more character description is in order. The sentences flow easily and are very easy to read with the spacing:) All in all you have a very, very good thing going on and you need to update immediately! I can see this going very far so now all you need to do is keep going and don't give up! :D