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treat chapter 5 . 11/9/2013
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leavesfallingup chapter 5 . 10/10/2013
Brandy is a good friend. It is too bad that Allie has such horrible self-esteem issues. Then again, Blake hasn't helped. He never even looked at her as a girl. That had to hurt.
LastCopa chapter 4 . 10/8/2013
quick question aer you trying to say sigh because it says sign all throughout the story. good story though
Guest chapter 1 . 10/3/2013
I love this story! Plz update soon!
pari chapter 14 . 10/1/2013
This is a nice story... but if you will take toi much time for further updates how one could stick waiting...
Alice6700 chapter 14 . 9/16/2013
I'm going to continue reading this story out of curiosity, but I'm not to keen on it. There are grammatical mistakes everywhere, and some scenes are too cheesy. I get with this story being a cliché there are going to be some corny lines, but sometimes I read a chapter and think "This just isn't what I hoped it would be". Perhaps finish this one and then upload one with a bit more excitement, and with more development of characters. I don't mean to be harsh, but that's my constructive criticism! As I said, I will continue reading this story though.
Deluciera chapter 13 . 9/14/2013 doesn't suit your protagonist. It would be great if you change her name.
vivi493 chapter 14 . 9/15/2013
Great job, as usual. I'm looking forward to updates, especially ones answering why Blake's almost always gone in the morinings now and what angle Marissa's working at. Always your devoted fan. :p
vivi493 chapter 13 . 9/15/2013
I really want to punch Marissa! I think it's hilarious that he recorded her dancing around in her room! Onto your latest update! :D
vivi493 chapter 12 . 9/15/2013
Aww, this chapter is so cute! The song definately fits your story perfectly! I have been busy for a little while, so I didn't get to read your updates until now. Well,onto the next chapter! :D
RosettaJones chapter 12 . 9/8/2013
Hey Just wanted to help you out for this chapter. I really like your storyline but your chapters need a little tweaking in terms of tenses and phrasing. Loved the reference to Taylor Swift's Song :) by the way. I tried editing this chapter but its not entirely correct . Feel free to edit your chapters the way you want to but here's a reference.
- RosettaJones

Chapter Twelve Editing Reference

I closed the front door, sighing. Seriously, the café is so... crowded today. When I am serving a someone, someone else calls me. It's noisy and full. I feel myself getting really dizzy.

I put my bag pack down on my couch and go to the fridge for a cold drink. I don't drink juice. I feel so hot in the midst of all these people that I don't even care about the cold I felt before getting into the café.

After pouring apple juice in my glass I gulped it down in one go and let out a sigh of relief.

I don't know how mom does so much work.

I wash my glass and put it back.

I may seem like a bad friend but I have to say that I'm a…teeny bit jealous of Shelly because the guy she wanted is with her. They were at the café today , just the two of them , talking in this packed place as if they were the only ones in here.

I sit on my couch with my legs up.

Should I take a makeover like what they show in the movies? Because Shelly tells me that I am beautiful but I hide it. But what will happen if I do take a make over?

Yikes, imagine me walking in heels and shorts. Maybe not walking, what is it called…oh yes sashaying through the school corridors and everyone's turning around looking at me like, who's that girl?

No I don't have the courage to do this at all.

I shake my stupid thoughts away. Gosh I've got to do my homework.

I get up with my bag and go to my room.


I can't help it. Every ten seconds later I start imagining me and Blake kissing.

Weird? I know.

I mean I want to feel his lips on mine. They look just so soft and…yummy.

I wish I was brave enough to show him that I loved him, go up to him and kiss him. But I am a total coward. Why does he have to be so charming and…enchanting?

I look at his window which shows nothing but his dark blue curtains.

I have nothing else to do.

Homework's finished, my room is cleaned and basically everything is done.

I get up from my desk and fall on my bed. I turn my music player on and guess what I played?

'You belong with me.' by Taylor Swift.

I started nodding my head as soon as the song played.

You're on the phone with your girlfriend ‒ she's upset,
she's going off about something that you said
'Cause she doesn't get your humor like I do.

I started humming the lyrics and softly tapping my feet on the ground, glancing at Blake's window again: he wasn't there.

I'm in the room ‒ it's a typical Tuesday night.
I'm listening to the kind of music she doesn't like.
And she'll never know your story like I do.

Yes Blake she will never know you like I do!

But she wears short skirts
I wear t-shirts
She's cheer captain
And I'm on the bleachers

I can wear short skirts but I wear t-shirts.

Why is she a cheer captain?

No I'm not a bleacher. ( You Go Girl:) )

I took my unused short skirts out as I sang. Stupidly, I started wearing my skirt over my jeans.

I look so stupid! Ha-ha!

Dreaming about the day when you wake up and find
That what you're looking for has been here the whole time.

Yes Blake I am dreaming about the day you find out that I love you and you love me back!

If you could see
That I'm the one
Who understands you.

Yeah Blake I'm the one who always understands you!

Been here all along.
So, why can't you see ‒
You belong with me,
You belong with me?

I was here all along

I wish you belonged with me!

I sang like a maniac jumping up and down on my bed.

And you've got a smile
That can light up this whole town.
I haven't seen it in awhile
Since she brought you down.

Yeah she stole your smile!

You say you're fine
‒ I know you better than that.
Hey, what'ya doing with a girl like that?

Really how could you be with a bitch like her?

How can you like her!?

She wears high heels,
I wear sneakers.
She's cheer captain,
And I'm on the bleachers.
Dreaming about the day when you wake up and find
That what you're looking for has been here the whole time.

If you could see
That I'm the one
Who understands you,
Been here all along.
So, why can't you see
You belong with me?

Standing by and waiting at your backdoor.
All this time how could you not know, baby

You belong with me,
You belong with me?

I start dancing in the most stupid moves that came in to my head, up and down my bed like I'm crazy.

Then taking my hair brush as if it's a mike and singing like a rock star in front of my mirror, yelling

"You belong with me!"

You belong with me.

And with that I fall on my bed, breathless and tired due to my stupid and yet fun actions.

Have you ever thought just maybe
You belong with me?

You belong with me.

That just passed my head when I laughed and fell asleep, not caring to turn of the lights.


This was a serious mistake. I should've ordered dinner because mom was so busy, she didn't have time to cook dinner.

She also forgot to take the keys so she waited outside the door , ringing the door bell and knocking the door like crazy. Imagine that and the incessant ringing of the telephone.

I probably woke up at the eighth bell so I had to rush downstairs to receive a very pissed and tired mom.

After that , I quickly ordered pizza while she was in the shower. We ate and both of us went to bed. But I couldn't sleep. I was wide awake .

I stayed up until two in the morning , silently watching Twilight. Yes I like Twilight.

And in the morning I woke up at seven thirty .

This is not good..

I got out of the shower quickly and got dressed. I didn't have time so I didn't wash my hair.

I put on my glasses and ran downstairs with my bag.

Thank God mom had made breakfast and lunch.

I grabbed my lunch and toast and ran out of my house saying a quick bye to mom.

Please God let Blake be there, Please let Blake be there.

I looked at his drive way and there was no car.

Why does he have to give me rides when I don't need to? And why isn't he here when I need it?

I looked at my watch and realised that there wasonly ten minutes left. Shit.

I ran for my life!

Shit! I've never been late before!
Deluciera chapter 11 . 9/5/2013
The story has some gramatical and spelling mistakes but still i love it and isn't it adapted from Taylor Swift's 'You belong with me' update soon.
WillowsOfPeace chapter 12 . 9/7/2013
This story is very cute and captivating. I love her personality, its very lovable. You're a very talented writer, and please continue:)
storywriter28 chapter 11 . 9/4/2013
This is a really gripping story can't wait for the next chapter! God I'm gonna be tired in the morning 'ha ha'
vivi493 chapter 11 . 9/4/2013
Thia chapter poses so many questions, and I think that makes readers want to read more! Great job! Semi-patiently awaiting your story progressions, oh yeah, I used a big word, lol. :)
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