Reviews for The Real God
TheSmith chapter 1 . 8/29/2013
I'm a little bit confused. God is a jealous God and demands all loyalty to Him alone. You can't serve God and manna, it says somewhere in the Bible. God doesn't change either, He is, always has and always will be the same. I can't see how it would sit right with Him if you chose to pledge yourself to another God, even if it is one you created yourself.
And God did call for an intervention: His name is Jesus. He came to abolish religion because it was tainted with sin and human error. Religion gets in the way of us and God. Choosing your 'own' God to believe in when you know who the true God just frazzles me. That's what Pagans do. They create their own deities, or familiars, whatever term they prefer to use. If you cut out all the jargon, everything the world has to say, and focus on nothing but you and God and your relationship with Jesus, the Holy Spirit will come to you, and you will KNOW that you are saved. God loved you before you were born and He will love you endlessly. If you know Him, and you have Him in your heart, you won't even think of yourself and hell in the same context. Hell is destined for those who are against God. When Jesus comes back, you're invited to crash Satan's party with Him. Don't let the world and all it's dogma and religious rules push you away from God. You have the right to be saved, so own up to it.
Dear Mr. Christian chapter 1 . 8/26/2013
Hey! I love the paper, and as you can see I'm a huge Christian. The Old Testament God isn't a jerk...just...stricter. There wasn't Grace, and everyone operated under the Law. The Israelite were his chosen people, and they had every opportunity to leave if they wanted too, but they knew God because they were descendants of Abraham. God does not strike anyone with a lighting bolt. That's...zeus haha. it seems harsh, but take a closer look. it isn't.

God is loving, but just. A parent loves you, but when you do wrong, they HAVE to discipline you in order to show that your wrong. God is just. look at these texts closely. That isn't true. If Christianity was made by man for man, wouldn't it be pleasing to hear? God is pretty strict, why would something man made make something so strict? It is not a cult. God is free will. You have the choice to do whatever you want, and that's why we live on earth to decide where we want to go.

Again, I'm sorry about the debate, and I REALLY love the the paper. It's a personal paper, It's amazing.
FailingFool chapter 1 . 8/23/2013
By the beard of Zeus, you actually understand. You actually understand what religion is! So few people get it. Your last paragraph - the last sentence, even, if one was trying to be concise - explains exactly what religion is. Overall, the positive thing about religions is that they usually (key word: "usually") encourage good behavior among mankind. If there is a deity, s/he'll be content with the fact that we were good beings, not blinded by the fact that we misidentified her/him. If there isn't an almighty one, then at least the religions guide people to live in an overall good way (for example: the Ten Commandments are essentially identical to Buddha's eightfold path and four noble truths).