Reviews for Sweet Dreams
Leigh Aldridge chapter 2 . 10/9/2013
Very nice to read and not too long, which is great! I love characters they're all awesome :) I didn't expect that Marie would have such a harsh family. Super looking forward to the next chapter. When you wrote about a figure, you know what I was thinking. Also, have you been reading my story Demon Casino? Your OC is already introduced. You should add a demon one _
I am writer chapter 2 . 10/9/2013
This is good I can't wait to see my character
Reborn ninja chapter 1 . 10/2/2013
Alicia K. May ( the K means nothing)
Sun kissed hair
Length to mid back put in ponytail
About 5.6 in.
Blue eyes
Wears a blue green red or white tank tops
And a white red or yellow skirt
Has a red watch 2 rainbow brackets one in right and one on left
Nice but has a short temper and when that goes she like a mini grizzly bear on steroids
Cool geek plays lacrosse
Likes nice consideret people and the violin
Hates preppy girls and jocks
When she gets to the place where that chick is she finds out her violin helps her maker people do what she wants
Fears fire and dogs
To be a professional artist and violinist
Doesn't talk and pranks them unless they are friends
History:mother killed at age 4 dad works every day 14 hour shifts raised herself one friend (if you accepted Alex Dain ) is Alex Dain
Romane no if she has any she would betray them besides Alex Dain to beat the competion
Thing to say: listen to what I say my iq is 244 that's 244 more than you(smirks)

Chances of winning: 84
Janic The Guardian of Hetra chapter 1 . 9/23/2013
Name: Janic Muse
Gender: Male
Age(14-18): 17
Appearance(please be detailed not like a bunch of words or phrases. Not like saying 'long hair', but like shoulder length or something. A picture can help instead of words.): He has dirty blonde hair that always makes him seem like he has bed head. His eyes are blue as Ocean Water. He is about 6 feet and one inches tall and he weighs 300 pounds, he isn't as fit as he should be. The only other thing I could say is he is about average in the looks department.
Clothing: (What they like to wear and what they usually wear) Likes to wear short sleeve shirts and shorts that go down to his knees. Usually wears a wristband on his right wrist which was given to him by a deceased childhood friend and he also usually wears anything that is clean.
Personality(Again please be detailed like appearance. Maybe a few sentences from this): A kind hearted, creative, and funny guy, Janic always finds different ways to solve problems. He isn't a genius by any means but if he makes up for his average intelligence by being able to follow directions(verbal or written) to the dot. He is quick tempered when it comes to his weight and when somebody treats females with disrespect. He can be a romantic with it comes to any female around his age.
Likes/interests: Women, Challenges, art, drawing, and enjoys making others happy.
Dislikes: Drama, and abusive people
Strengths/special talent(limit 2): Can get things done, and Can make people smile in almost any situation.
Weaknesses/fears(must have): hates being alone, can't run long distances, he also fears that he will hurt the ones that are close to him, and he has some self confidence issues.
Their dream/goal in life: He dreams to one day to create an artistic master piece and to get married to a girl that can see pass his looks, to see his heart.
How do they act around other people?: An easy going guy and he usually tries to do favors for girls even if they are heartless towards him, and he loves telling a good joke.
History: Born in New York City, and into a middle class family with two brothers, Janic was raised with love and made many friends including a girl who was three years older than he was. Her name was Miya, and they were very close to one another. The day after his tenth birthday, he and Miya where caught up in shoot out between a gang and the police; Miya died protecting him. Janic fell into a somewhat depression until he was given the last present Miya made for him, a tri-colored wristband(green, orange and purple) that has the phrase, No Need for Frowns, Smiles make the world go round. He brighten up after that and his parents moved to Ocean City, Maryland so they family could get more fresh air. He has had it easy ever since and he is better physical than he was in New York though he is trying everyday to make sure he smiles and to make others smile.
Romance? (yes or no and what they like in a person): Yes, and he wouldn't a chick would can see him for who he is, not for what he looks like.
Things your oc would say(Just to help me):
When he is down: *Sigh* Just one of those days... I'm the unluckiest guy in the world. I guess I am a pig after all. *Sob*
One of his flirts: Have you seen my heart? It was last spotted in your arms.
When he is cheery: My kind of day! Lets do this!
When Angered: What did you say? Who do you think you are? You are worst than Scum!
Chances of winning: I think that be best for you to decide.
If you have any questions, don't be afraid to PM me!
Leigh Aldridge chapter 1 . 8/30/2013
Just looking through new stories and I see your pen-name! I'm so excited for this SYOC :) just been writing up NO Mystery, should have it done sometime next week! I hope this story goes well, I will submit an OC when I think of one
Guardian of the Shadows chapter 1 . 8/30/2013
Good beginning
Name : Alex Dain
Gender: male
Age: 16
Appearance: blonde hair ,black eyes with blue flecks,6.2
Massachusetts,Boston ,USA North America
Personality: sarcastic , clever , funny and when in contact with apple juice his personality disorder kicks in
Personalities : mad hatter , monk like guy,himself, Sherlock Holmes kind of guy,murderer dude (this one is hard to bring out)
Likes: parasites , milk ,
Strengths:personality disorder , on the spot thinking
Fear: bees, weasels,
Dream: to get out of or win the competion
Acts : just l