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BradytheJust chapter 40 . 1/21/2017
For the love of all things Somebody fricking kiss Xi!

My heart is pounding right now, all because of the beads. Having Xi wear the beads for Ayn just shows how much she cares... I was just like the guys in that scene, and I actually had to reread it to make sure I hadn't missed everything.

You are a master at appealing to my emotions... I'm not even sure what I feel right now.
Amazing job my friend!
BradytheJust chapter 39 . 1/11/2017
Longer chapters: Good. More descriptions: Good! How you are making me feel right now... not good at all! :(

I even reread the last chapter to get all pumped up on happy feels and then two paragraphs into this one... the happy feels died :(

While I kinda saw the love triangle thing coming, Piqa admitting his feelings and then finally offering to leave them both alone was heartbreaking! I'm crying right now! :'(
Still the word choice (and especially the scene where Ayn is talking about his MuTT and how he misses it) was perfect and sort of distracted me from the pain I was feeling inside... but amazing job as always and I can't wait to read the next chapter.

I'm gonna go cry in the corner now.
BradytheJust chapter 38 . 1/3/2017
I forgive you for every single sad moment ever in this story, because this chapter made me so happy!
I'm okay with the Xi and Ayn relationship, because you described her relationship with Piqa as a very friendly one, and I really feel like they have a large and mutual connection because they are sword and shield who really feel for one another.

I also love how we show some vulnerability with Xi because she's so self-assured and ready to fight for anything, but with this she's just as scared as any of us would be.

Amazing job, and I can't wait to see where the romance goes!
BradytheJust chapter 37 . 12/31/2016
You know, I could accept this as an ending, despite not knowing what happened to Piqa, not knowing what secrets Fletcher is hiding, and not knowing if the tools ever break free from the Users... I just needed one thing.
KISS HIM YOU BLOODY DOLT! D: Whew, sorry got a bit emotional!

Still, Xi kiss him! Now! It's his last wish!

Still, the word choice was perfect as always and the paragraph with Xi pacing had me sweating bullets in worry! I also loved that last line, and I think we all wait for the moment where reality is finally better than your dreams or whatever Dr. Suess said.

I can't wait to keep reading!
BradytheJust chapter 36 . 12/24/2016
Well... Xi on the warpath is a Xi I never want to meet! :O

I felt all of her rage towards Phraq with your writing and I honestly hoped that he would die... I wanted Xi to hurt him until Piqa leapt in and blocked the blow. Those words reminding Xi that hurting Phraq would harm Ayn... that cut through my rage just like it cut through hers.

Amazing job my friend! :D
BradytheJust chapter 35 . 12/24/2016
Darn, that random thought! If Xi doesn't admit her feelings while Ayn is close to death, then I don't know if she ever will :/

Your imagery was perfect as always and I felt Xi's fear because of the Warhammer strike! Having Ayn be the calm and collected one while Xi was the one who panicked at the change really showed their personalities. I just hope Ayn is okay, but I'm loving how she used Flecther's name. I guess when someone you love needs help, you swallow pride.

Good job, and now Xi is on the warpath! :O Let's see how that goes!
BradytheJust chapter 34 . 12/22/2016
Oh... so that's why Xi was so worried about the score. Well, now I hate the Users just as much as she does!

The aftereffect of her nightmare was wonderfully written, and as a nightmare sufferer myself I can say that was accurate.

I also love/hate that Xi takes the burden for the score on her own shoulder... don't do it all yourself Xi! :O

Amazing job as always! Keep it up!
BradytheJust chapter 33 . 12/22/2016
"I want them to trust me when I shouldn't be trusted." "As if he had tasted even a morsel of this repulsiveness" "I don't understand why I don't hate Flecther like I should"

Holy heck, your imagery was amazing and Piqa's emotions towards Flecther were perfectly described! I'm not sure what I think about Fletcher yet... what data was he collecting?

And Xi has a nightmare :/ Awww, does she need a hug?
BradytheJust chapter 32 . 12/14/2016
AHHH! (Sorry, bit of an overload there)
Well, your descriptions and Imagery were perfect... as always and now I'm confused about what Piqa is erm, having done to him. Nanobots? Is Flecther going to fix him, make the scars go away?

Still, I was able to see everything in my mind's eye (for better or worse) and everything was very well written! I also loved how Piqa was perfectly willing to pay the price once he thought about what his refusal could/would to Xi. He's so loyal it hurts...

You did a great job as always! I can't wait to see what's next!
BradytheJust chapter 31 . 12/13/2016
First of all, I love how you had the "Phantom Menace" Star Wars anyone?! :)

I also liked how Piqa got frustrated with the tool who didn't clean Flecther's room to his standards! I do the exact same thing! :D

Still, it disgusts me that Piqa is having to do this "payment" for Xi... oh if she could see him now. She'd be ticked.

Argh, I'm upset but I have to keep reading!
BradytheJust chapter 30 . 12/6/2016
"Holding out an inviting hand in shy welcome... a niggling doubt appears to coil itself around my ankle"
Amazing personification, and you perfectly described the best way that sleep can dodge someone who hasn't slept in a while.

Having Xi deal with Piqa's appearance was fun and I love how she trusts him! It's just so cute!

Another amazing job my friend! :)
BradytheJust chapter 29 . 12/6/2016

Okay, having Xi deal with the fact that there is a User in the universe that she can't hate, that's pure genius. Although I do think there is a middle ground, there has to be.
Still, the dialogue between them was very well written, amazing job!

But Xi, trust Ayn! He cares for you!
BradytheJust chapter 28 . 11/30/2016
Oh, Xi, he is only doing it because he cares for you!
I panicked about as hard as Xi did when the dream came, and I don't want Piqa to be bait... whatever that is.

I love over-protective Ayn, because it matches his personality of extreme caring! :D

I'm loving this story, and it has been a great evening to binge on it! Keep it up!
BradytheJust chapter 27 . 11/30/2016
"If I'd ever end up with anyone it would be with Xi" Awww... Ayn!

Having Ayn have memory loss about the events with the Warhammer was interesting, and well as a tad unnerving. Having Xi worry about her EffSco was also great because you can't keep a good tool down! :) Besides I'm the same way, I could be as sick as a dog but I care about getting my homework done!
BradytheJust chapter 26 . 11/30/2016
I want to hurt Phraq so dang bad! :(
Hurting a woman is bad enough, but hurting a woman through her best friend! That's practically unforgivable!

I did like how you added more backstory to Ayn and Xi by having him tell a story to Piqa, it was an immersive and fun way to learn more about them!

I can't wait to read more!
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