Reviews for Kidnapped
shinju asuka chapter 3 . 11/20/2017
Just found your story today! So many actions here. Let's see how this story will go :)
Lillie chapter 1 . 9/17/2017
I absolutely love this story. I have been a fan of it for some time and I am so excited that you are starting to write more of it. Can't wait to read each week. :)
Megan B chapter 1 . 9/15/2017
I would love to read more chapters of this, great so far!:]:]:]:]
Nothing1000 chapter 18 . 7/1/2014
Great job!
OnyxBuddha chapter 19 . 1/6/2014
d(_) *thumbs up* yessss.
Tanairy Cornelio chapter 18 . 1/4/2014
WOW this story is amazing i LOVE all the action and romance and just EVERYTHING! it should have WAAAY more reviews! i've passed this story a couple a times while looking for something to read and then i just decided to check it out and i'm so glad i did because it was awesome! and also i love that it was all in Alex's point of view instead of Bailey like i know other people might have done, its nice to see his view on things. OMG Alex and Bailey are soooo cute and how they protected each other AWW. i could really see this as a movie EEK! sorry i'm so in love with this! thank you for writing it, it was absolutely perfect! :)
Chantal chapter 18 . 12/3/2013
This was such a good story! I loved it, you're writing is so good! Hell yeah, I'd love to read the second one. :D :D
OnyxBuddha chapter 18 . 10/25/2013
I LOVED IT! I was smiling like a junkie at the end. What?! Jack's revenge?! Oh that Bastard! I can't wait to read it! You did a magnificent job on this story. I loved the lesson in it too. Enemies can become friends, and friends can become enemies. So true! 3
OnyxBuddha chapter 17 . 10/24/2013
Whooooah! XD Alyssa, I almost forgot about her! It just keeps getting deeper and deeper. Boss... Vince killed Alex's mom! Narrator: "Will Alyssa and Alex catch Vince and his son Jack? Will Alex and Bailey be able to finally be free? Find out next time on... Kidnapped!"
OnyxBuddha chapter 16 . 10/22/2013
O.O oh my goodness... Oh my GOD! OH MY GAWD! What aaaghhhhh! my heart is palpitating. "Is this is? Can this be Alex and BaIleys' final moments? Will they ever live to see the light of day again? Find out next time on... KIDNAPPED!"
OnyxBuddha chapter 15 . 10/21/2013
C'mon keep em coming. This books needs to be published and released. I would like a signed copy please! :D I'll be all hipster with it "I read this book before it was hot. HELL, I read it before it was out!" you're doing an awesome job. Keep it up! 3
OnyxBuddha chapter 14 . 10/20/2013
OH MY GOODNESS! CLIFF-HANGER MUCH?! This is getting sooooooooo goooooooooood! Please keep it coming! :D
OnyxBuddha chapter 13 . 10/18/2013
Boom... Shit just got real.
Guest chapter 11 . 10/11/2013
Please don't leave us hanging! :D I know a good story takes time, but it also causes the fans to become impatient.