Reviews for High School Years
Anna Snow chapter 1 . 1/22
Name: Jenny Lee
Age: 16
Appearance: button nose, large, brown eyes, sharp eyebrows, wavy, shoulder length black hair, slightly chubby
Personality: She is shy and has trust issues. She's usually nice and meek unless someone picks on her, and then she becomes very aggressive and sassy (she has been bullied in the past for keeping to herself and because she wasn't as quick as the other girls to become pretty). She gets good grades, though she often procrastinates, so she doesn't get much sleep. She loves computer science and biology, though she also loves to do ceramics and make sculptures (so she often has bits of clay on her clothing). She is afraid of dogs because she was bitten by one when she was younger. She often keeps to herself, but she wishes she had friends. She is confident in herself, though she is distrustful of people. She's straight and gets shy around boys, but when she gets shy, she puts up a barrier and acts like she has no interest in them. Her parents were always busy and she was always ignored as a child, so she's used to being alone. She takes out her feelings in her art.
History: her parents are rich, and they always thought giving her dolls and presents or making her take piano lessons would keep her quiet. she was homeschooled until 9th grade, where she went to school in sweatpants and a hoodie and got bullied. She wants to transfer to Silverdale Academy because she hates her current highschool.
Talents: programming, ceramic art
Likes: reading, science
Dislikes: vain girls, party girls (because those were the type of girls who bullied her most), her parents
Fears: dogs, getting rejected, being alone
Clothes: she always looks put together, but she dresses more serious and older than most people her age. Her clothes are always pretty, but usually on the formal side
Romantic interests: she has a weakness for hot guys who are cute and jokesters. She finds it cute when guys are full of themselves and overconfident, but not if they are mean to other people. If they are bullies or jerks in any way, she distrusts them. She likes a guy who helps other people.

I'm really excited for this!
Hidden Depths of my Mind chapter 1 . 1/12
Seems pretty interesting, so I guess I'll add my character! I hope you do update it, though; I would love to read it even if my character wasn't in it

And I'm apologizing now for the extremely long length of it v.v I had no idea it would end up being this long, I swear!

Seriously, this is really long v.v And I'm so sorry for that!

Name: Reina Amiot (F.Y.I., her first name means Queen, just a small fact)

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: Reina's hair is naturally a dark red, but she's been dying it white for the past year. She has side bangs that reach past her shoulders, and her actual bangs are slightly messy and cut straight across and end right above her eyes. The rest of her hair reaches only a little past her ears, Her eyes are a pale green. For her body structure: she's about 5'6, and skinny but toned. Not many curves, but has slightly big hips. She is kind of tanned, but not overly. Has a tattoo on her back inspired from her childhood friend. Here's the link to it, since I have no clue how to describe it - tattoo-design /14207/ wings-wings-tattoo-by-pzzl-tattoo-design. html just remove the spacings ;

Personality: Reina is 'slightly' lazy. And by slightly, I mean majorly. She's also not very motivated, only doing the important things so they won't bother her. Also, she has a habit of lying, even at the smallest of things, to which she comes up with outrageous excuses. More than often, however, she's blunt and doesn't spare anyone's feelings. Reina doesn't give a damn what people think of her, and while she isn't antisocial, she's doesn't exactly look for friends either, thinking it's too much work. Has a verbal tic "oui," meaning "yes" in English. Also has a tendency to curse. Slightly perverted (like the average teen) and flirts when flirted with. Very creative with a big imagination, which leads to her daydreaming a lot, and has a habit of falling asleep randomly. She DOES smoke weed on occasions, though just to get inspiration to write music mostly. Does have a superiority complex caused by her older brother. Has the opinion that being left handed is better than being right handed, again, because her brother is right handed while she isn't.

History: Reina's birthplace is Ajaccio, the capitol of the French island Corsica. Her parents are laid back, but generally favor her older brother, who is three years older than her, and whom she thinks is better at everything he does than she is, hence the superiority complex. At age six, her parents introduced her to the violin, to which she took to immediately. Age seven, she met Jean, a boy the age of nine at the time. They met when she was practicing a song at a park, and he promptly embarrassed her by singing to the song and calling her a "cute chubby kid." Ever since, they've been best friends. He convinced her to get the tattoo on her back (with her parents permission; they're very laid back most of the time) when she was 14 and Jean 16. By then, they had already made a name for themselves with her playing and him singing. He was also the one to introduce the younger girl to weed, though like her, he didn't smoke it too much, and only when he got very stressed. Right before she turned 16, Reina got a letter inviting her to join Silverdale Academy with a scholarship for her musical talent. After debating it, she decided she would go, trying to be better than her older brother at something. The day she left for America, Jean gave her an extremely long bright crimson scarf and kissed her on the cheek goodbye. Her parents gave her the violin she had been saving up money for and a simple back case for it. The instrument was silver coated and black. Her brother didn't show up to see her away.

Talents: Mostly her ability to play the violin and write her own sheet music, though she is a relatively good writer thanks to her imagination. Her style of playing is a rare mix of slight rock and indie style music, which makes her stand out considering there aren't many violins used in rock music. Acrobatic and flexible, but that isn't known by many people at all. Slight above average grades, but nothing really special in terms of academics.

Likes: Her violin, Chinese food, change, fantasy books, circuses, scarfs, autumn, people playing with her hair, being called 'love,' and RPGs

Dislikes: Her brother, being overshadowed by her brother, people who judge, churches, people who push religion onto her, chocolate, the color yellow, country music, football, singing, winter, summer, the idea of true love, and birds

Fears: She doesn't show her fears usually, but she is afraid of a few things: clowns, drowning, growing old, and never being better than her brother are the main ones. Do what you want with the less important ones, like spiders or whatever

Casual- mostly long sweaters and shorts paired with either regular tennis shoes or combat boots. Always has her violin case on her back. Skinny jeans for when it gets cold. Her red scarf is long enough to wrap loosely around her neck, and still nearly drag on the floor.
Formal: If she can get away with it, a pair of satin shorts that almost reach her knees and a white short sleeved button up with a black vest and a red tie and heels. If she can't, then formal black pants with a white button up and heels.
Swim: black swim shorts with a white bikini top
Sleep: Large shirt with shorts or pants depending on the weather

Motivation: To be better than her brother for the moment. Might change according to your story and how you write her

Romantic Interests: Gender doesn't bother her. She'd like someone who is fun, but isn't clingy. No one too bulky and muscular, and she would love someone with green eyes, though it doesn't matter much to her. Someone who can communicate well and understand her. But she's not really looking very hard for a relationship at the moment, since she just left Jean and it's bothersome to her.
totaltezz chapter 1 . 9/30/2013
so basically the whole premises of dangan ronpa.
no but im interested though.