Reviews for My Life Has Become Unmanagable
Unxious Custard chapter 1 . 10/30/2013
Oh my goodness. How very powerful. This is a great poem, with the ability to move the reader. Poetry with this capacity is poetry in another realm; beyond the average wordsmith. I particularly liked the end statement (because I can't handle this), which came as a jolting matter-of-fact statement, making the character within the poem seem real, and almost touchable. It also gave an immediate sense of the age of the character. I read in your blurb that you are very young - at least in comparrison to me, but I do hope you keep writing, not only for the solace it gives you but also because you are good at it. The only thing I would say is this is probably a poem for teens and adults, rather than Kids.

I'm not particularly good at poetry, my strength lies in long twisty plots, and multiple characters, but I can recognise the beauty written here. I do hope you will return the review with a review of my story Psychics v Terrorists. I have a feeling my protagonist, Alpha, in this story, is a bit like you.