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deadaccount2019 chapter 14 . 2/14/2014
The Einstein musings made for a very nice hook, given the hospital setting. It piques curiosity, but it also illustrates Luke's state of mind, while making it easy for the reader to relate to his frustration with being stuck int he hospital.

The explanation of the relationship between Luke and Zef was a bit heartbreaking. I do have experience with family who had alzheimers, and it can be so strange while still being so hard. I definitely understand why Alek and Era have him keep Zef company, but I can't imagine the situation is very easy on Luke either. It was a bit of a random thing to pop up, however I thought it really suits Luke's characterization well.

I'm really curious about the pig farm, to be honest, and I get the feeling that this is going to play into the plot. Perhaps Luke's next misadventure? And if it's mostly going unattended, then it would certainly make for a good place for a psychopath to whole up, especially with the pigs around to dispose of the evidence.

The Bardicis are... Interesting. Zef is definitely my favorite, simply because we're getting to see him stripped to his core, and he's such a sweetheart with all the bad history removed. Aleksander was kind of unreadable, but I don't really expect much from him or Era. They felt a little more like devices than contributing characters, but there's definitely room for them to develop in the future.
Dr. Self Destruct chapter 9 . 2/7/2014
Hello! :) Thought I'd pop into this story for the next couple chapters before going back to BTG. Anyways, I'll answer your author's note questions before I go into some more general comments.

1.) Aside from that one line of dialogue near the end, I don't think Alek's mom has too much of a role to really get a better feel for her. Unless, of course, the reason she's making Alek come inside is because she doesn't want him talking to Luke - maybe play that up more if that's your intent because I didn't really feel it that much and I'm only looking further into things right now because you're asking me about them. xD But yeah, if she's telling Alek to come inside because he's talking to Luke...what a bitch. I just find it really funny how some people overreact about this type of thing, like the incest is contagious or something. What's even more terrible is that I know people would really act like that in real life, too. Kind of like how some people treat gay people or transsexuals, avoiding them on the street or something when they see them. Just really pathetic.

As for Luke's mom, now I really want to know more about her especially after the conversation they have. So Luke has a step-dad now...which means something happened to his real dad, and I can't remember if that's been covered already (I don't think it has been, but feel free to remind me/correct me if I'm wrong). And from the way their conversation goes, I get the feeling that maybe there's more to this than just Luke's parents willingly hooking up and deciding to have a kid. Maybe they didn't want to be some incestual family living out in the sticks, lol. Maybe Luke's dad raped his mom or something, hmm. Which is an entirely new level of fucked up. I'll be keeping an eye out to see if there's anymore info about that - now I'm really curious. But as for his mom, I don't know, I think she's sympathetic enough, and I can understand if she's sort of stuck in this town without much option of getting out. But like Alek's mom, I'll have to see some more of her before I get a better opinion of her - I feel like we're only scratching the surface of her story and I want to withhold judgement until I get some more scene / information about her.

2.) Referring to Luke's mom as "Mom" didn't bother me. I just assumed it was before you were, like you said, narrating this from Luke's POV. So I think him referring to her as "Mom" makes sense. If he were to think of her by her first name, especially when the narrative distance is really close right there, it would seem too formal I think. I don't think of my mom by her first name, and the only time I think someone would is if the relationship is strained or distant. Which is just one of the many ways to show that.

Something I've always noticed in your stories that I'm not sure I've commented on is how culturally diverse your characters always are. You pay a lot of attention to their background and race, like Alek for example. I just find it really interesting because I don't put that kind of thought into my characters, which I think is definitely a bad thing and something i'd like to work on. I appreciate how you don't have a cast of entirely white character, is what i'm trying to say. Which is a really nice break from the norm, since it's so usually the opposite.

I'm really curious about this whole maniac thing. I know the story has sort of curved away from that plot in order to introduce the characters and the town, but it's something that's been sitting in the back of my mind and I'm excited to see if we get more of that plotline after this chapter. I'm also really curious about who that "maniac" is, and if it might be someone who's already been introduced or someone we haven't seen yet. The way you leave things off at the end here is pretty creepy - not sure if it's foreshadowing or if Luke is just being paranoid. But that's good because I think you want to keep that type of feeling in order to build up the suspense.

It's funny how this theme of "family" has transformed through the centuries. This story keeps making me think of it every chapter, that tie between a person and their parents that can never be ultimately severed. That whole concept of the sins of the father falling onto the sins of the son - I've noticed this a lot more since we're reading a lot of the Greek epics and plays in one of my classes. And one of the big themes in all of those is always family. Back then there was such a strong connection between a father and his son. If something happened to the father, it was the son's duty to get revenge. But in this story, and in a lot of more modern novels, we try to stray away from that parent/child bond. Personally I think it's stupid to blame a child on what his parent might have done, which was considered completely normal and expected way in the past. Perhaps it's because as individuals we're becoming a lot more independent. We can probably thank technology for that. But yeah, it's just something I noticed once again and thought I'd bring it up because you might also find it interesting. :)

Let me know if you have any other questions or if anything I said wasn't clear. :)
cybersheep chapter 11 . 2/7/2014
Hi hi! Another fun chapter, and you’ve really irked my paranoia again (in a good way) – like did Luke get attacked? Didn’t he? OH THE MYSTERY OF IT ALL.

‘Victor Alvarez, the forty-something year old with the best kept facial hair in town and an omnipresent twitch’ – Oh Grace had better be a partner in romance. Gotta appreciate a man with well-kept face-fur! On the net, I saw a guy make a bowl out of his beard and eat noodles from it. WHAT A CATCH. AND he does taxidermy? Like serious, if Grace isn’t banging this guy…

‘I’d be a food to go out [if] there’s some maniac’ – typo?

‘They’re domesticated, aren’t they?’ – bahaha, oh buffalo. The forbidden love. Just what is Grace doing in the barn. Like why? Haha.

Aww poor Luke! His poor head! I’m glad he’s okay though, besides the concussion and the ankle. One thing that I found a bit weird was Nick says ‘he doesn’t seem to have any broken bones’ – where he’s noted already that the ankle looks bad, and the ankle does end up being broken. But maybe I’m missing something :p.

‘Jesus Wayne, do you want his dick as a souvenir?’ bahaha WHO WOULDN’T. He could wear it as a fetching tie *shifteyes*.

‘Why would Luke bother lying about why he felt’ – should the ‘felt’ be ‘fell’? I couldn’t tell if this was a typo, or if I was just being silly. So sorry if it’s the latter :).

‘Even though he couldn’t upgrade his raisin to a grape, he could at least spice it up and make it beef jerky or something’ – loved this line. Like Hells yes, Nicky. You work that jerky.

It really surprises me that you’re concerned about your description – you’ve always seemed to get the balance just right to me. This story really is so easy to read, it just flows by. And I think I said this last chappy, but you’ve never seemed to get bogged down in description at all. Of course, personally I favour less rather than more, so maybe some people would say it’s a little light, but you’re never going to please everyone :). Really though, the balance is just right for me :D. And I think it’s fine that Luke didn’t have a helmet on (although I guess you could quite easily have him wearing one, if you think it’s a little unbelievable) – I was thinking he tumbled rather than…like literally fell off a cliff. If that’s the case, then he could easily survive (I think!) depending on how he rolled.

Aww, poor old Lukey though. Doubted and teased, and now all hurt and broken. The boy needs a cuddle.
GossamerSilverglow chapter 24 . 2/5/2014
I think Alice realizing that she's afraid of making Uncle Gerry jealous or mad is showing some of the psychological problems he's caused her. Her need to keep Luke a secret because of that seems realistic. UG's attempt to tell Alice to stay quiet was noticed. I expected him to be manipulative given the fact that he's having sex with niece and making it seem like she enjoys it, but you've done it way better than what I'd intended. It really shows just how devious he is. I'm curious as to why he latched on to Alice right when she was born. Was it the sole purpose of molesting her and then making it seem like they had a relationship as she got older? Or was it something else? Good chapter!
Jitterbug Blues chapter 27 . 2/3/2014
This got a lot darker than I expected. I swear I was grinning for most of the chapter until Nick refused to eat that chicken and stared down at its pink flesh. The change in tone was nearly terrifying, and I quickly started frowning. I felt so sorry for Nick, for Portia and even the parents, and the scene got rather uncomfortable because of all the parties involved and all that *spark* just waiting to be lighted. I swear I could feel all those unspoken feelings and things brushed underneath the table, like Toby, Nick’s eating disorder and the fact that he’s bitter towards his parents.

I don’t think they’re bad people, you know? I feel Nick’s narration is unreliable, because they feel like completely nice people in this chapter: a bit quirky, a bit of tough love, but they’re totally amiable towards Portia and Nick. I feel that they’re even adorable and normal as far as parents go. So, whatever, happened to Nick, I’m starting to wonder if his judgement isn’t really clouded.

I’m worried for him D: The entire last scene was saddening and creepy, especially with that voice in his head programmed on ‘running commentary’. It’s creepy to think Nick associates food with death, and has to literally get it all out. It’s disturbing and I wonder how this will continue. Poor baby though ):

I forgot to say but I really liked the first scene of this chapter; it was cute, but I feel like the darker aspects of this chapter were far more important and so I’ll just say I liked it.
Jitterbug Blues chapter 26 . 2/3/2014
I can be really bad with details, so I was a bit confused about the tattoo and Toby, but I guess it’s just been so long since I read chapter 19 that I forgot – it’s nothing that I’d blame on your writing, and any confusion quickly cleared up when I read the dialogue. It’s not like you have to mention who Toby was all over again (if you want to: only a small hint or so, but nothing more; it’d weigh down your prose).

I liked the lack of the sex just fine; I think you could have omitted a few descriptions actually (like the fingering scene or when how it felt to him – I thought that was, maybe, just a bit jarring? But it’s up to you XD). I just think I *sensed* you were a bit uncomfortable? Then, in my opinion, it’s fully okay to just be subtle, and shy away from details: I find the lack of, often , more interesting than an abundance of. And I really liked the last few paragraphs in that scene.

This chapter was cute and funny, I think? I really liked the first few scenes, with Nick in the office and then him and Portia in the car (him sweeping her off her feet in class was adorable). I think Portia and Nick’s chemistry is very palpable, and I just enjoyed their banter in the car. Cute :)

Nick was overall cute in this chapter – just so open and loving. Though I feel a month within dating to be saying ‘I love you’s’ and thinking of weddings is a bit early, I … liked the fluffiness. It wasn’t too much to entirely tear me away from the scenes. I just tend to be a bit dubious about too romance (but then, as I said, I didn’t mind too much). Maybe I’m just too cynical XD. I think, however, that the cuteness and relative fast pace of Nick and Portia’s romance kind of fits the story: they like each other and they just hit it off straight off the bat.

Nick’s parents are hilarious! I thought they were cold-hearted and careless, but they seem hilarious so far XD.
Jitterbug Blues chapter 25 . 2/3/2014
I actually read this a while ago, but I recall being too tired to review. I didn't re-read where I stopped this time, because that would have been boring (and I remember quite well, so it's not necessary). I liked a lot of things about this chapter, the banter between Portia and her mother being my favourite elements probably: D I always thought Portia’s mother was going to overbearing and so very strict, and – while she is overbearing – I find her funny, cute and really entertaining. I love how she chides and makes fun of Portia – especially in regards to her ex-boyfriends XD. I also like how she seems to get a kick out of angering Portia’s father.

I thought the scene where she walked on Nick and Portia making out was awkward and funny as hell, because well…what else could it be, actually? XD I just thought it was an epic way to introduce her. I’m definitely enjoying this chapter because of how entertaining it was :)

I liked Nick’s backstory, regarding the fear of food. It sounds a bit silly at first, but food poisoning is a thing that does occur and I think that, in this case, it really showcased how lonely Nick was when he was younger. I found the whole idea of his parents being so aloof and neglecting to be heart-breaking. In a way what touched me about the scene was how he confided in Portia, which I felt was vital to their relationship.

While I don’t think that not having sex within a month of dating is weird, I get that Portia would feel insecure about it. And I liked that she seemed insecure, because they’re still a new couple and I think it would be weird if she were already dreaming of a wedding with him and so forth XD. I'm definitely looking forward to the next chapter :)
cybersheep chapter 10 . 2/3/2014
Hi hi! This is faerie-gumdrops, reviewing as cybersheep, just to be confusing :p. Sorry I’ve been so crappy at reviewing lately – I’m so behind with everything! *sweats* Hopefully I’ll be able to get some more done this weekend :)

As always, I really like Luke – he’s smart and practical, and he doesn’t whine, although he’s got a lot of shit to deal with. It’s refreshing, and your writing is as clean and pretty and easy to follow as ever. I think my favourite line was the last one – that image of the predatory animal striking was so fitting to the situation :).

I think the atmosphere worked well (and dude, I am jealous of you being able to write short chapters like this – I always go on and on). At the beginning, I wasn’t really sure whether what Luke was seeing was real or not, but I think that actually added to my enjoyment, particularly as people have been doubting Luke’s story so far.

I think the plot’s really interesting! It’s hard to pull off, I think, keeping things a little slower at the start to build up the tension, but I think you sort of have to for mystery? But yeah, it hasn’t dragged for me at all so far – your writing is never bogged down by unnecessary description and stuff – and I’ve really enjoyed meeting all these characters and, particularly, the character of Edgeport itself. Dude, you rock your setting – you can really picture it like it’s a real (sort of creepy) place.

And OMG this axe dude. Like what will happen next? I am itching to know (and will have to read more very very soon! :D).

Fun fun :D.
Jitterbug Blues chapter 24 . 1/26/2014
I don't think it's fluff, and short chapters like this are perfect as a little breather - in between plot heavier stuff. It just allows the reader to relax a little. This isn’t to say that this chapter is useless or pointless though, since it addresses quite a few things:

*Gerry is starting to seem increasingly more suspicious to me. He was nervous and jittery in this chapter, as Alice notes, and I wonder why he’s gotten so much skinnier. Of all the characters, I wonder the most what his motives exactly are.

*Alice debating over whether or not she should tell Gerald about her relationship with Luke was well-written and believable. I liked how, in the end, she decided to go for Luke, because of it being none of Gerald’s business. I like the idea of this being a starting point of her growing more independent and critical of the world around her. I like how she uses Nick as a sort of 'beard' for her real relationship with Luke. That's clever.
Jitterbug Blues chapter 23 . 1/26/2014
I really liked this chapter, and I'll try to tell you why :D.

*I somehow really like how visual and vivid you write those chapters. They seem very real, from the dialogue to how the characters react. I'll admit that sometimes the writing is a bit too fast for me, but I think it's really just me nitpicking, because I like how you manage to write scenes like this town meeting well. Not only do I feel that you captured the atmosphere of a small town community well, but I also just think that - in its simplicity and clearness - the scene was well-handled. You got the most important points across: the townsfolk doubts Nick, and Nick is set to prove them wrong.

*I liked the dialogue between Nick and Luke. Again, you wrote this very simple, and 'quickly', but I think that made it work? It's a rather shocking story if you think: Luke being the product of two such people ): I kind of like how you lightened the mood at the end with the Sherlock talk. It somehow seemed realistic, because I think we often tend to avoid discussing dark topics by switching the subject. I'd have probably written the scene differently, but I like your style, and so it's all good.

*I do like your writing. It's clean. And it's consistently good.

*So Luke and Alice are *together*? I'm curious how that will develop!
Jitterbug Blues chapter 22 . 1/26/2014
Haha, I will review this, because it's a nice breather between longer chapters, and I really like Alice here. I still like how she's the total opposite of a 'slut' (that word should be abolished). I think she's really just looking for love in the wrong places, and there's an innocence to her that I find refreshing - like her crush on Luke.

I guess what worries me is how she doesn't realise that 'Uncle Gerry' is/has been raping her effectively. She thinks she wants it, but he's controlling her, and it's not only illegal, but it's worrying. Given how smart she can be, it rather disturbs me that she's been manipulated by him so horribly that she can't see what he's doing to her.
Jitterbug Blues chapter 21 . 1/26/2014
Just a little nitpick: you update way too quickly XD I have had so little time this month, between school and work that I usually only manage about a couple of stories per day, and very few outside of the RG. I know that you're probably done with the story, but I'd recommend maybe only posting during specific days because it can be a bit overwhelming to have so much to catch up too. (Not that I mind - I'll read, but I'm just sad that I'm so behind.)

Writing-wise, this chapter was fine. And I got the gist of it, though I speed-read. I don't really have time to do any long, devoted reading because there's just so many things to do, and I want to read a few more chapters tonight. Hopefully. Due to this, I appreciate your simpler style: it keeps me reading, and I don't feel like skimming because of how dialogue-heavy this chapter is. I just like that it's relatively easy to get the gist of this chapter without having to pay too much attention? (Though you still should, given the hints tossed in here and there.)

I admit I felt that some of the character build-up was too obvious - but I didn't mind too much. I just think that some critics might nitpick that, so I'm pointing it out. I liked what it did for Nick's character though, and I rather enjoy the hints of him having been a spoiled rich kid once. I also liked his musings on nature and fishing even if it didn't necessarily add much to the plot (I think it told us something about him though). I did like that it showed his guilt and doubts, and his conflicts regarding how much attention he is paying too Luke.

My favourite bits were the plottier elements though - like the shoe tossed into the pig sty. I liked the forensic science, and the how they went about dealing with the situation. They're a lot of details I like - like the small lab, or just Alek throwing the evidence away. Again, I appreciated your clear writing style here.

Sorry if this review is useless - I'm actually a bit tired.
GossamerSilverglow chapter 23 . 1/26/2014
So I know we had a review exchange on the side, but you’re up-to-date on Buried and I saw that you needed some feedback for your later chapters. I really want to commend you for the brother bond you’ve written between Luke and Nick. I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m all about family bonds like this (NOT like Alice/Gerry). Anyhow, the towns’ people are irritating me. Constantly second guessing Nick’s ability doesn’t help the situation. Where are the “what can I do to help you?” I don’t like Maggie, just so you know. And wow, these people are really assholes. I would’ve said hey, if anyone of you are more qualified have at it.

So we got more background on Luke’s parents. I understand that it started out as consensual but ended as not because his mother wanted to stop but his father didn’t? Weird. And strange. It’s really strange that his mom has always been a little off according to Nick. Is Nick lying to Luke about Dean? I remember reading that Luke’s description of the axe murderer was Dean. Hmm.
GossamerSilverglow chapter 22 . 1/25/2014
[Characters:] So, whoa. Could this even be considered a chapter? Anyhow, I’ve wanted some progress to happen between Luke and Alice. It’s very appropriate for Alice to worry about Uncle Gerry finding out because things are going to change for the worse when he does I’ll bet. I’d like to see Luke’s POV. Like make a short chapter like this one, only from Luke’s side.

[Relationships:] And finally, finally they both admit to liking each other. I was against them in the beginning, but with each Alice chapter and Luke chapter I’ve seen the connection grow. Uncle Gerry and Alice are on the rocks though and I don’t think that’s going to end well. She’s already hiding the text from him and to me this means he has really made her believe that she likes being with him. What a douche.

[Writing:] It was short and well written. It really helped get their relationship (Alice and Luke) going. It showed that with everything else going on, normal things are still happening, the world is still turning.

[Enjoyment:] Again, really short chapter, but I did enjoy it. And honestly, I’m kind of excited to see how Uncle Gerry reacts to Alice wanting Luke and not him anymore. I can’t wait for her to just get away from that guy.
GossamerSilverglow chapter 21 . 1/25/2014
[Opening:] The opening was actually surprisingly funny. I mean here I am in the mind set of “whoa, the father is the killer,” and then we switch to Nick and a pot shop soon to be legalized. It was refreshingly funny and I really enjoyed it. It was a good break from the atmosphere of the last couple of chapters.

[Dialogue:] It flowed well. With the introduction of Bernie I thought maybe it might get slightly awkward, but it shows that they’ve known each other for a while. Bernie doesn’t have the stereotype pot head vibe either, which is a plus.

[Characters:] Why does Nick have a medical marijuana card? Was he hurt or something? I don’t remember anything being physically wrong with him…hmm, I might be getting this confused with another story, but was it a sports injury by chance? Don’t Luke and Lindsay know that Nick is rich? It’s not surprising, especially as a cop (someone who was trained to pay attention to detail), that he would know a knock of Gucci.

[Ending:] Now that some evidence has shown up things are progressing. The acid was a nice touch. I like the simplicity of the last line. I feel like it set everything back on track.
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