Reviews for To The Seas Again
Metal Flowers chapter 1 . 12/28/2013
Logging onto Fictionpress today, I didn't expect to see any stories of value. My last few trips to this site have been...disappointing. But not today. Today I've been finding stories that I like, stories that go along quickly and excitingly, full of twists and beautiful language. Those were stories I like, and your story is not in that list.

That is because your story is one that I love. I love it perhaps more than I should, but that doesn't matter. Entranced by your summary, one with a twist at very the end that I did not expect, I clicked the link to this story. The very way you told your story made me fall in love with it. With perfect detail and a way of writing that peaks and falls (like waves, coincidentally enough), I've fallen for your story in ways I never thought I could.

Chapter two (there IS going to be a chapter two, right?) cannot come soon enough.