Reviews for The One With The Green Eyes
Kokonus chapter 22 . 2/4
Thanks for writing this, as for ideas sorry I dont have any.
Ktmdude710 chapter 21 . 2/1
Wow really liking it so far please carry on I will be sure to keep reading.
Guest chapter 1 . 1/20
Amazing story. I'm not a writer but someone who simply just enjoys reading. I absolutely adore Celeste and love how you are bringing her to life! Can't wait to see what happens...keep up the good work:)
Kokonus chapter 18 . 1/18
Oh sure Ill review again, I just figured I did enough.
girlfriend chapter 7 . 1/4
The story is great n I just love Werewolves coz they r just awesome n plz give nxt update is much awaited by many
Ruby Tuesdays chapter 8 . 1/5
Okay - what to say... I really, really like this so far - you're so good with the cliff-hangers though, it really keeps you hooked and all the little mysteries and hints you keep dropping in! I'm always surprised by how much you manage to cram in to a fairly short chapter but I don't actually mind that - its refreshing and easy to read and if that's the style you like carry on!
You're characterisation's good too, I love the pack dynamic and I enjoy the switching between the different characters and their focus - gives it a nice holistic and a more complete feel.
Seriously good, keep going!
Kokonus chapter 7 . 1/5
I couldnt review for the other chapters becouse I didnt notice you posted 3 new chapters... You post really often, Oh and with that thought could you just make them longer and less frequent? I noticed its easier for me if its a longer text.

I really like how it is going though
and even though not many other people review you can take a look at how many people take the effort to press the like button on youtube, and how many views there are.
I think you should instead look how many times it got read and see the lack of reviews as proof that you dont need feedback.

(Long review.. Well I hope you keep writing since Im sure more people come overtime)
Kokonus chapter 4 . 1/4
Even though they are short there also plentifull wich I dont mind.
How about you?( the other readers)
Kokonus chapter 3 . 1/3
Hhm I thought his eyes where blue from the first chapter.
But then again the title says green, Well anyways I like it and think you deserve a review and a follow.
imtheonlyonly chapter 2 . 12/31/2013
Sorry guys! This one was really short, but the ending seemed cool so I stuck with it. Counting down til the new year! Hope I can post another chapter by next week, maybe earlier since my time is horribly spent.