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Lecter R. Purgatory chapter 114 . 1h ago
As far as the last chapter goes; that kid is going to be in for a RUDE awakening when she learns what sex is and how BBB likes it. Then again; knowing your parents, chances are high she already knows more than she'd like.

Huh, if she doesn't know then it's bad but if she does know it's worse. BBB; I won't pretend to know just what you're in to but given the history of women in Kel's stories (especially when crushing on someone) chances are high that someone's going to get raped.

Watch yourself, Beatrix is a cunning lass. Refusing any offer of continued partnership besides obvious friendship was a wise move. I was surprised she let it drop so quickly. But then again; she's bound to ask you again in the future.

This may be obvious; but since you ARE a merc, chances are one of the big countries (like the pedantic guy from before, can't remember his name) will try to purchase you. Probably just pay you exorbitant amounts of cash just to stay at a luxury resort or something just to keep you off the 'market'. That is probably the "freedom" that Beatrix had in mind.
Your just as dangerous as you are valuable, dude. People will either want you on their side or out of the way lest you get in their way... But luckily since you are a mercenary you are able to pick and choose your own clients. :)

Also; I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE WITH THAT GUILD OF FIRE MAGES! That was a reference to Million Magister Kel back on wasn't it? :P
The Big Bad Bunny chapter 114 . 19h ago
them two... if only they got re-born as succubuses... ha ha...

It's good.
The Big Bad Bunny chapter 113 . 21h ago
so much pervy-ness... makes me smile... still.. if the monsters, Madmen, Former-empire officers and Neo-confederates don't kill kel... the Nuclear war that Is a cat fight will.

my secret... I'm really a the leader of the Former-empire army or a tentacle monster... or am I really LECTOR!?

-"I couldn't quite remember how to throw a boomerang, but eventually it came back to me"-
Lecter R. Purgatory chapter 112 . 4/16
A lot of belligerent sexual tension between these three females. And Yumiko of all people is SELF CONSCIOUS about her body? She's an old soul in an eternally young body, you'd think she'd have a lot more confidence and maturity to her. At least enough to not be jealous and to be happy with what she has.

Not to mention that 'eternally young' thing is extra points. In terms of physical beauty; would you rather be a gorgeous beauty for a season, or "plain" looking forever?
There's also the fact that she can still act like a carefree and fun-loving teenager despite over a hundred years of life; hell of a lot more fun than the other two (whom are quite beautiful) but are either FAR too serious or have the personality of a plastic spoon.

Either way; watch for stalkers with a crush.

Alright, this may be easier than expected. You'll be able to collect your cash and depart whenever you choose. Wouldn't put it past Beatrix to try and convince you to continue working for her...
Lecter R. Purgatory chapter 111 . 4/16
This is going to be a problem in and of itself. Give your notoriety and your power to fight dragons so easily; you are going to have people petitioning for your attention and allegiance for goddamn EVER!

Actually, I wonder if your still technically employed by Beatrice? She'd probably go all "diplomatic intimidation" on your ass if you even think of accepting another contract while still under contract with her.

Then again, it would be hilarious to watch them all scurry around trying to impress or coerce you into joining their little clubs. Entire nations and guilds going Deredere for one guy will be a riot. XD
The Big Bad Bunny chapter 112 . 4/16
If Yumiko needs help with getting Kel... Bunny would have the right "magic" to get her the body she needs... ha ha ha

It's good.
Bunny chapter 111 . 4/16
It's good.
WildVix chapter 112 . 4/16
LOL Ah, so much craziness for Kel and never skips a beat to pop into a new adventure! And love... uh... diamonds I guess? Well more than that, Kel practically has a lot of women with their eye on him, cat fights. Sweet.

Does he ever catch a break? Hell no! xD I'm excited to see the rest!
Lecter R. Purgatory chapter 109 . 4/15
Aha! So THATS how you plan on getting the guild together in this story? XD

Can't wait to see how it goes, but it shouldn't be too hard for you to attract a number of potential guild-mates. Although your bound to get a large number of fan girls trying to join. That is if they don't think your a fake outright.

Shouldn't have much trouble with jobs either, you have a reputation to your advantage. Also it helps that your girlfriend can hypnotize people, that may prove handy. XP
Lecter R. Purgatory chapter 108 . 4/15
Alright! I'm almost caught up! Took me a while and now I have the compelling need to write a few chapters of my own but I managed it!

Can't wait to see what new perils will be faced back on Terra. I know that there's a certain girl who may be rather peeved at you getting a girlfriend. There is also a rival who may or may not be happy to see you as well. xP
Lecter R. Purgatory chapter 106 . 4/15
While Yumiko had a fair point, that departing line had to be one of the most badass things I have ever heard in my entire fucking life. XD
Lecter R. Purgatory chapter 105 . 4/15
Should probably have killed Zane. I know you were worried about her but it's not like she was going anywhere. Or at least give him something to REALLY be pissed about. Carve up his pretty face, dissolve his testicles or even better: break his spine (or remove it entirely) and thus rob him of the strength he admires so much.
Lecter R. Purgatory chapter 100 . 4/15
Zane. Is. A. Moron.

He was in the position of POWER before. He has your girl he has the sacred treasures and he has the drugs. He had every opportunity to take the final charge on his own terms but what does he do? Nothing. He sits back, waits for the threat to recoup their losses and his enemy to prepare while he fucks around tormenting his enemies girlfriend instead of doing ANYTHING constructive. He didn't even make any attempts to protect his interests! They just continued with what they were doing.

Not only that, he's undeniably weak. So is his security (her death was satisfying, by the way) Just like the people who made deals for power. The thing about power is that if you HAVE to rely on an artefact to use that power or even to use it to your full advantage well... The power was never really yours to begin with, your just standing on the shoulders of giants and pretending that it's yours.

He's also a dick.
Lecter R. Purgatory chapter 98 . 4/15
Riiiight, i forgot all about Yumiko. That chick gets kidnapped a LOT doesn't she? She's like Yuna from FF10, only not quite as useful.

Kick their ass, Kel. There's consequences for taking my racket just because I am temporally indisposed with death! (Making deals for power is MY shtick!)
Lecter R. Purgatory chapter 97 . 4/15
HAHA! Fuck you, Milk! Fuck you and your authority!

Nutmeg's cherry and Lawful-Goodie Two Shoes personality literally makes me cringe. If I return to life; I want to see her suffer some sort of crushing moral-event horizon. Or something that'll really make her break or (even better) snap. Emotionally and mentally.

Huh. If I take a step back and look at that last sentence I wrote; I can see why I have a lot of trouble making friends in real life. o.o

That gives me an idea; actually. I might give writing a story based on my past a go. With your permission to use the fictional world you established, of course. XP
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