Reviews for BADASS MAGE KEL: Come at me Bro!
The Big Bad Bunny chapter 121 . 4/22
T.T I got no words that can fit what I feel... not in a bad way... I just never got this much of a part in a story... apart from Forest Brave with the 1st "Kizer Zin"

It's Good.
Jason Unknown chapter 121 . 4/22
I . . . I don't know how to respond to this chapter...
Nameless Prick chapter 121 . 4/22
Ok... now that I know that I agree it was in BBB's and Rem's best interest to leave her there and I guess he ain't complete cunt. I still dislike him, but I don't completely hate him. Lets see if he prove himself...
griff chapter 120 . 4/22
IMBACKB*TCHES! and oh sh*t what have I missed? dammit... too much happening all at once!
The Big Bad Bunny chapter 120 . 4/21
fuck... fuck... fuck... fuck... fuck... fuck... fuck... fuck... fuck... fuck... fuck... fuck... fuck... fuck... fuck... fuck... fuck... fuck...

It's good.
Nameless Prick chapter 120 . 4/21
So BBB is really a immortal prince disguised as a bunny and hes been keeping his girlfriend in a whore house while he does perverted things. I consider him a cunt and no longer wished to refer to him as a "man". Also if he's the prince and that little girl knows about him & wants to marry him...

Is she the Goddess of Lust O.O
Nameless Prick chapter 119 . 4/21
O-o...What da fuck? O-o
Nameless Prick chapter 118 . 4/21
O-o Three things...

1) That battle was much more epic & intense than their original battle!

2) Kel won?!

3) Just what we needed, another Kel. How will we survive the complete Badassery NOW?!
Lecter R. Purgatory chapter 119 . 4/21
I agree with BBB, Medeka is a whiny little brat who can't act on her own emotions because of the consequences; she farts around with so many opportunities to tell him and gets upset when Kel decides not to stay single. Only when he is actually IN a relationship does she suddenly find the courage to tell him? What, does she think just because she pined for him the longest that makes her entitled to him or something?
I know that she's just a shy girl and all; but now whenever she shows up all I can think is "Useless"

Bravo for Yumiko! She finally got some self confidence to go with that eternal youth. Although she may well regret giving Kel an excuse to have a Harem and any woman an essential free pass to rape him ya any given opportunity. No backsies!

I'm guessing that Bunny has had his eye on a girl from this village to be so adamant about purchasing her there? I bet she's actually a merc and not a prostitute but that's what he'll call her.
"My names Kel. I'm a mercenary."
"What's a mercenary?"
"I do whatever I'm paid to do."
"Oh! Your a whore?"
O.o- "What?"
The Big Bad Bunny chapter 119 . 4/21
Fuck... I get the joke now... a Women is ok.. but she is a little girl... Ffffffuuuuck! and No Cat fight... well.. crap..

It's good.
Lecter R. Purgatory chapter 118 . 4/21
Beatrix is a very stupid little girl. When Kel finds out about this and comes back; there won't be any pretence of friendship. Her fear will turn a friend into her worst enemy, for the sake of irony I'd recommend killing EVERYONE except Beatrix. Instead, doing to her exactly what she doesn't want to happen: Destroy the confederacy. Leave her with absolutely nothing but the dreams of what could have been and wondering where it all went wrong. Knock her down so far and so hard that she can't get back up.

It'd be hilarious if they have to train the clone in the basics of everything outside of combat. Reading, speaking and etc. or if he has to learn more magic and they find out that he's not a prodigy.

If she's smart; she won't send Nex out into the world where people can see him and rumours can spread and Kel will hear about it and come investigate. At least then; Nex might rebel and do the job of killing her for you. I take that back; if she was smart then she wouldn't create a fucking clone in the first place!
Tobi-sama chapter 118 . 4/21
Beatrix- bad idea! Creating Kel's clone?
Fate- once a puppet, forever a puppet...
Tobi-sama chapter 119 . 4/21
Cool... Hehe!
Jason Unknown chapter 118 . 4/21
I noticed something: darkness had defeated holy... Even if Fate and Kel used up all of their energy or Fate didn't waste it all, I have a feeling it would of been a tie. Meaning holy and darkness can't defeat the other and they're at a standstill.
If I was Kel, I'd kill Chorine, Fate, and yes, I said it, Beatrix. I understand her fears, but to go ahead to create a clone that will definitely have the urge to kill the original? Just because you asked him to join once and he refused? You'd be on my death list.
The Big Bad Bunny chapter 118 . 4/21
well fuck... I did not se that coming at all... but this is still the WORST IDEA... it's a idea so bad that ONLY I would try it... We can't control him... so lets make MORE of him...

I still think running to the beastmen would be the safest thing to do... but Kel did not get to here by being smart

It's Good.
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