Reviews for The Frog
Monty Mason chapter 1 . 9/13/2014

That was actually a really nice read. I don't usually read stories like these since they don't necessarily tend to have an end purpose/goal but this one was really nice in it's characterization. The young girl sounded both really mature but also had that childish aspect to herself being the young girl he is. The boy sounded like an interesting character, as his character is also the type that can be further developed into any direction, this leaves room open for reader interpretation of the character itself.

I didn't find any grammar mistakes really, although I don't know if this would be one from the opening paragraph: "not that I'm [...]", the "not" begins with a small n, shouldn't it start with a capital one since its a dialog and basically kind of like a new sentence then?

And I really did like the thinking process you defined behind the boy, it really gave the story a natural feel to it. Overall a really good read.

- Monty Mason