Reviews for Helen
LittleMissWarlord chapter 1 . 8/28/2014
I am absolutely and completely obsessed with you and your writing! You always find a way to inspire me with my own works. Thank you so much for your amazing words!
Sapphy-Sweets chapter 1 . 1/22/2014
I. Am. Speechless.

Well, for a moment anyhoo. Now I am extremely enthusiastic about that amazing one-shot I just read.

This, my friend, was simply stunning. The descriptions were so violent and cruel and unforgiving; you don't censor the brutality of anything. It's deadly to read. But oh so sweet. Like licking sweet honey from a blade. Deep and perturbing, right to the heart with driving fear. Hnngg.

Not to mention to plot... oh my God Stripes, I commend you for this wonderful idea. Roland has tortured Helen, and now, it is her turn.

The manifestation of Helen as a hell hound was great. I specifically enjoyed the description of the souls in the tears and saliva. And with this story of condemming, of Roland's damnation, I think we are all reminded of how terrible Hell will truly be. And to think that this wouldn't even be half of it, gruesome and chilling as it is.

Not one error (lie) XD There are a few errors, of which I have already pointed out to you. Nothing severe, you aren't some uneducated moron with no talent. Slip-ups happen, especially when you are as caught up in the flow and stress of writing as I am.

I like how you added your own interests, animals, into the subject of hellish punishment. I actually hadn't given much thought of hell hounds ... until now.

Great great great job. I loved this with a passion. Keep up the work, Stripes