Reviews for No Angels Can Save You
Someonethat chapter 1 . 2/12
Hi , i Don't know how to write a text so
I write it here ... First of all my English is :.. , so
Yeh:D what i wanna say is why are people in Israel en Pakistan have a war or in another countries , i am a muslim too i am 14 , so yeh? But this is what i have to say...

People are born , like a empty book ... The title is your'e name that you're parents give to you maybe it is Ally or Ali and the Chapter
Is you're life ... Chapter 1 my 1st Birthday etc. its not their fold but from us because we
Are doing nothing why don't build a wall? Amd then people who wants to go to the bidden place can go , but you know what it is , i know ... Its their heart some people's heart is gold and you can not make it bronze that from the other is Bronze and you can not make it Gold so what if we make us all the same like Silver?what do you want to be? I want to be myself because then I'm the only one but the other have rumors and then they are going to talk bad , why would you not share in peace its not from you its from God