Reviews for Terminal Apathy
Angels Have Faith chapter 1 . 2/19
This is beautiful, my friend.
Anon chapter 1 . 2/15
"The lesser privileged struggle to reach the ranks of the privileged...and the privileged are impervious to their ways." - If there is one crucial fact you have missed in your essay, it is that the reason why this generation has no 'apathy', is because the need and demand of them is non-existent. The truth is, the world is apathetic, or at least, the commoners are, is because they have no sense of moral self. And why is that? Because the argument goes that everyone is equal, no one should be judged, and that no one should be below another, and this crucial fact takes away our sense of humanity.

The privileged are privileged is because they worked for it. They overcame adversity. The lesser privileged are so is because they have put themselves in that scenario or are too stupid to better themselves. The question isn't so much purpose, it's finding out what is and what isn't.
RiegneU chapter 1 . 2/14
Such insight and harsh beauty in this. You have power in your pen, my friend. There is truth in these words, buried deep within our society and you have unearthed it. Thank you for making my first day in a while back on Fictionpress an enjoyable one.
Vicenzo chapter 1 . 2/14
Holy Cow - I cant use profanities here so Holy cow isn't really the word I wanted to use. This is beautiful, powerful, awe-inspiring. Absolutely wonderful. I read with hands raised above my head - trying to think of ways to put this on a billboard, in the middle of a weather broadcast for the whole world to see. I may be in some ways more liberal but this widened my already opened eyes to ideas I had but needed the proper source of inspiration to invoke. "...we mistake cynicism for strength" and "Phobic fear of repeating a cliche'" among others have become my new favorite quotes. This is absolutely amazing. You did such a great job. Sorry for this crazy rambling review