Reviews for The Protectors
CrystalDemon chapter 4 . 7/5/2014
I'm hooked. You really are a brilliant writer. I love how descriptive you are, it helps me create a mental picture of these places and makes the story that much more engaging. It really is a shame that you don't have more reviews.
AdsumTryRevnell chapter 1 . 3/30/2014
I have been reading this, having found this on a new app I downloaded for my new phone, and honestly it was the first one I found worth reading out of all the ones I found.
I have read three chapters and I'm taken aback by the maturity of the work.
Imagine my shcok to find out that the visual representations and descriptions that I had found so intriguing, were written by someone whom is unable to see.
I would like to let you know that it was my plan to come here to encourage you so that you knew that you had a real talent as an author.
But in coming here I have been thoroughly encouraged myself, through you, that the minds eye can be even more powerful than those we are born with.
Keep writing, I'm hooked, I cant wait to read more.

God Bless,
Liebe Grüße,