Reviews for KAZe
blank-unused chapter 10 . 7/20/2014
the story's great! XD i thought it would be really long and boring but it's actually filled with action c: cant wait for the next chapters
whatdayisit chapter 10 . 7/18/2014
First of all, this is an amazing story! It's one that makes you think, and in that way reminds me of another ghost/entity story: The Turn of the Screw by Henry James. Your writing style is lively and real, and despite the dark theme, can also be quite funny at times. The chapters are of a nice length too, which we voracious readers love.

Sounds like Jane overdosed on her meds in an attempt to off herself! Or something. I was afraid she would go into a crazy possessed fit at the "Let's paint the walls in red" part. Seriously though, that may very well happen if she awakens from her stupor (if, hopefully, she doesn't die). Scary, but what part of this story hasn't been? And there are probably a few more of the missing bodies scattered through the house/property, but maybe not all of them. Just guessing here!

This may be late to speculate on, but it's really difficult now to tell whether it was Mai or Lucifer that Jane was seeing and hearing all those different times earlier, before things got really dangerous. Lucifer's presence causes red eyes — and whenever the entity tapped into Jane's mind (and Xavier's in chapter 5), it caused their eyes to bleed. Hmm... odd, no?

Speaking of Xavier... in chapter 9, the entity called him gullible. That makes me think that the entity that tapped into his mind earlier was Lucifer pretending to be Mai. It's also tempting to assume that the physical entity with the bloodless eyes was Mai, but then again, that could've been Lucifer with purposefully disguised eyes. I dunno.

There's other details that make me wonder, but I'm probably reading too much into things and I don't want to bore you with a Peggy-style, semi-holistic, page-long review. Here's to hoping that those last 3 chapters are all typed up and ready to post, as your devoted readers can't wait to read more! Now, I'd better stop babbling. :)
Guest chapter 8 . 6/29/2014
It doesn't look like Mai's the only one we should be worried about now.
Isn't it illegal to choke someone, let alone part of the police force? Why didn't anyone help Xavier?
Good chapter, that last part was chilling!
Guest chapter 7 . 6/29/2014
That last part was so sweet!
But, oh, the suspense!
It kills me!
Guest chapter 6 . 6/29/2014
That's some...accurate CPR.
Poor Jane and Xavier though.
Why must the good guys suffer?
Guest chapter 5 . 6/29/2014
I knew that name would show up again.
Nice story so far, it's predictable yet unpredictable at the same time! Awesome!
Guest chapter 4 . 6/29/2014
But then...who was the killer?
Why so many twists, it's intriguing!
Good chapter though.
Guest chapter 3 . 6/29/2014
Kendra is creepy...o_o
I did not expect that ending, nice twist!
Guest chapter 2 . 6/29/2014
Yeah, "seeing things". They always say that.
Good chapter by the way!
Guest chapter 1 . 6/29/2014
That was badass!
Already can tell this is going to be an awesome story!
Lily's death was a little gruesome though.
Random turtle ni chapter 1 . 6/2/2014
good job amanda i like your story reminds me of a horror game "the orphanage" k bai!
slothqueen851 chapter 3 . 4/27/2014
omg i just love Kendra. I want to be Kendra oo
I loved this chapter! Can't wait for the next! :D
btw, my pen name is : slothqueen851
blank-unused chapter 2 . 4/15/2014
This story's awesome! :D Hope you are still going to update it! oo
blank-unused chapter 1 . 4/15/2014
Is it just me or that I read this chapter thinking of Lucy from Elfen Lied?
Anyways, it's a great chapter. Loved reading it! :D
With A Lost Identity chapter 1 . 3/31/2014
Whoa... is this just a one-shot?