Reviews for The Sword & the Smile
OctoMethuselah chapter 1 . 3/24/2014
Hmm. Very enigmatic. When I hear this poem in my head, I imagine the narrator choking out sobs and speaking a sort of monologue with long pauses in place of stanzas. I like the interplay of the subject as a friend and a malefactor, and the repetition of the apology brings to mind the classic scenario of self blame. "The sword and I are not unfamiliar": for some reason, I quite like this line; I think the combination of it's understatement and the personification of the sword and its implied relationship with the narrator are what draws my mind to it (of course, this may be unintentional-I am a common victim of an over-analytical psyche). The poem does seem a little long to me: I don't know if perhaps stating the message more concisely would be more effective, cutting down on superfluous wording perhaps. Overall, it is quite and intriguing poem!