Reviews for Brought Forth A Calamity
Daniel Kozaki chapter 1 . 5/14/2014
Lol, so many new stories. Will get into Soul Anomaly soon, maybe. :p

The premise huh. Can't wait to see how this Calamity dude wreak destruction. Must be an awe-inspiring sight.

Well, do your best man. Good luck.
RG16 chapter 2 . 5/4/2014
From the synopse I thought it would be a drama but then when Winter rejected Myuki that fast... The whole conversation seemed to go a little to the comedy side... I don't know that's just how I feel.

I'm quite curious about Ether and Calamity... Also why didn't Winter want to talk about Ether? That is very intriguing!

Kinda hating on the Prince btw. Though he looked like a spolied prick I though maybe he was ok... But nah.

Keep it up!
JaDeCe chapter 2 . 4/11/2014
I really like this! It just takes time and practice and you will grow into it. But anyway, NOOOOOOO! How dare he. When I was just starting to like the prince, he up and do something like that! Poor Larson. Wahh! Poor Winter! Wahh! I miss Miyuki already! Wahh! Keep it up my friend!
Sepha chapter 1 . 4/5/2014
Do your best, man. Good luck.
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