Reviews for Leprecorny
Otakuami chapter 1 . 2/16/2018
This is really unique, weirdly written cute, warm story. I didn't get the bestiality part though? How's is it bestiality for them to have sex? He's an animal and she's a human? Or is it the other way around?
She Doesn't Row chapter 1 . 6/5/2014
Hi! This was such a sweet story, I really enjoyed it! I thought the writing style was very good, it didn't linger too much on things but rather just kept moving. I also really liked the narration, "Faye" was a funny, relatable-sounding character, and I think she was characterised well. Whenever she made a statement about herself ("No; I hatched from an egg.") it made me laugh, but I was surprised at how quickly Sidney accepted the whole thing! I guess he really is a boy of no questions! He was also quite darling. And I think it was an interesting twist on the old pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Also, love the title. Nice work! :)
MyHeart's4Above chapter 1 . 5/12/2014
Hi, this is for Review Game.

That was interesting indeed. I like the feel of it, I can not describe it. It seems otherworldly.

I like the pace of the story, it glides along quite effortlessly, your sentences are light and easy to read. It is not weighed down with too much description, but has the perfect amount.

I am slightly confused on what Faye and Sidney actually are, but that is okay. I like the premise, it is original and full of adventure. You should expand it, make a whole world around it.
IAmButAWindow chapter 1 . 4/22/2014
D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D:
Everyone's favorite charmingly roguish, go-lucky, fantastic, little Window here with another review.

I gotta say, I love your writing style. It's so fun, carefree, real, and in-the-clouds all at once. It's fun to see you when you're writing something with very few stakes involved. You get to just breathe and make words. It's a thing. A very nice thing to see. :)

I'm not aware of the grey man, and I know most of the lore of most of the countries of most of the places in existence. You made it up. D: I feel betrayed, and yet, somehow, whole. Nah. But it was cool. The little world you made was super original, and you didn't have to delve too far into anything to explain it, and that was fun. I understood it all, and even made emotional connections sans backstories. Well played, little miss Gumdrops.

Your character things. Sidney. He's all chill and quiet and cold. Faye. She's all ridiculous and non-human and not cold. That little difference of warmth connected with the humans having a soul thing and fairies not having a soul. It really came out to me. It was almost metaphorical in nature, but was played very literally, and that was cool to see. The theme of warmth, and heat made me appreciate that I live in the desert. DESERT! :D

I like this grey man. There should be more about him. Did he mean for this to happen? Did he want Faye to get herself someone to love? Is he evil? Will he ruin their friendship with a bolt of lightning and/or sour cream? He's most intriguing.

No grammar or punctuation issues to note, not that I'm very good with those things. XD Final note: Needs Slender Man, but everything does so...
alltheeagles chapter 1 . 4/21/2014
For the RG EF

I'm all kinds of wriggly with this one. If I try to say something, it will turn into a massive world-swallowing flood of pure unadulterated GUSH, so... I shall exercise restraint.

Yes, it's corny and fluffy and all the things that I usually DON'T like (and which give me hives, I swear, if it's bad enough). AND YET I LOVED IT. Why? For so many reasons, but the top two are: I like clueless male leads and the female lead's humorous self deprecation is another favourite trait of mine.

The only possible weakness I can see is that to get the full impact of the story (eg the jokes on the colour green) requires the basic background knowledge of 'leprechauns find gold at the end of rainbows', which is implied of course in the narrative but not specifically spelled out. And I can tell you that this is probably not the case with the bulk of non-european or american readers, certainly not in my part of the world. But then you're not out for world domination are you?
tstul006 chapter 1 . 4/10/2014
Oh this was a fluffy piece but I liked it. It made me laugh and get all teary eyed and it was just what I needed.

Okay so Feye is so adorable and Sidney is adorkable so they fit together perfectly. I loved the comments about beastiality... you are always making me laugh so hard...

I love this idea of chasing rainbows how cool is that and I love how at the end she didn't even care about getting money because she'd found something a lot better love. (oh god I'm choking on the sweetness. ) I loved that so much. It was like a moral story. Love is better than money. So sweet.

I think I would have enjoyed a bit more explanation as to exactly what Feye was... well I know she's a fairy but like you know her background. Also was Grey Man a fairy too?

I'd also like to know more about Sidney. It was hinted at but not really expressed in detail why he was all alone. But he was so sweet he gave Faye those gifts and cooked for her. He hardly knew her yet he took care of her.

I love that it was in Wales as well. I've always wanted to got there... well you know to see the Doctor who museum thing... but you know I hear it's beautiful.

Okay I've finished the review.

Jitterbug Blues chapter 1 . 4/9/2014
Writing: I LOVE YOU. No really, I do. This is such a charming little thing, and so, so delightfully British. It’s just little things, but *_*. It’s little expressions you use like ‘sod’, but it’s also the tone of the story, and just this entire …I’ll get to that later :D But I love how light this is, I love the breezy writing style, I love the wit underneath it all, and I want to marry this fic :D But no really, your writing is lovely, light and funny, and utterly entertaining. I just love the unique feel it has to it, and the heart behind it all :D

Plot: So yes, I said delightfully British, and now I need to argue *why*. I guess it’s all those myths you toss at us? So there, I grew up with fairytales and folktales of all sorts, so I can recognise some of the elements you’ve used from folktales here :D. I really love how you mix old and new, and create into something utterly heart-warming and sweet. I was expecting something much darker, but was surprised (and touched) by the sweetness of this story. It’s nice to read about a leprechaun falling in love with a run-away boy, and realising that gold isn’t everything. It was also nice to see the boy find happiness :3

Dialogue: So perfectly witty and funny :D And yes, again very British :3 I like how the narrator constantly denies things, and I like how the boy is just so sweet when it comes to making requests. I think you do a brilliant job making the dialogue sound natural and funny – it’s unforced, unbidden and utterly magical (definitely some of the best dialogue I’ve seen in a long time :D).

Setting: I’ll give you pointers for writing some very beautiful scenery porn. You had some very creative and vivid lines here that I think, with the rainfall especially, definitely recaptured that (not British, since the narrator is sent to Ireland) European landscape :3 I also liked how you described the sky in some other scenes. Again just lovely descriptions.

Character: Ohhh I loved the narrator :D So much fun! She has this very unique way of viewing the world that isn’t too embittered, but also isn’t too innocent. I like how that makes her such a contrast to that sweet boy whom I just want to hug, because he’s so kind and selfless. I think both characters were utterly loveable :3 (And yes I remember their names now XD. Sorry, I’m still in fangirl mood :3).

Relationship: I loved how you wrote their romance – just so sweet and satisfying. I don’t usually like fluff either, but this was just nice – to see them seek each other out, and give each other what the other needed. I like how they both found happiness with each other :)