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beep chapter 1 . 3/12/2015
Ventracere chapter 1 . 6/8/2014
Blub, blub, blub. I'm back. Sorry for taking so long, but here's your review return!

Here are the few things that I've taken away from that delightfully short section that you've begun with: The protagonist enjoys using the word "bloody" and he is one bloody, pissed off guy (eyy? No? Yeah. I'll stop there).

Okay, now for the real opener. The imagery is one that we can find in the opening of a movie. The opening scene: you see a dirty, dirty ship moored against the side, with the bearded captain looking around in disapproval. They seem to be in an unfortunate situation. And the public whipping - well the mention of a public whipping considering I haven't gotten all that far yet - is something that seems to be hanging over his head. I don't konw, but for some reason, this captain doesn't seem all that inclined to do much. He kind of strikes me as a lazy captain - not necessarily brutal - despite all evidence that says otherwise.

I don't mean to compare two of your stories, but I find that this is a good alternative to Soma. While the light heart tone is still present, it's definitely taken on a more serious tone. Stryker is a wary guy, he isn't incompetent either. He's watching his men, and from your descriptions, he isn't a blind man. He knows where to look, what to watch. And the man walking the plank, he's certainly got guts - doesn't he know his own captain is watching? Though I am a little surprised why no one tried to push him off the plank or sabotage his trip down the board.

Oh hoh, Aidan, ey? I don't know, I like him from the get go. Again, we don't know too much about him, except that he's the first mate. I don't know, but like you said, there are just some characters that you just can't stop yourself from falling in love at first look (read - whatever ahah). Aidan's just that type of guy. You would expect that he would be one that can't exactly hold his own, but there is nothing suggesting that. He's the type of guy threaded in mystery - I just really really want to know more at this point.

Not going to lie, when you began after the second journal, I thought you accidentally copy and pasted incorrectly. Oh how wrong you proved me. But that goes to say, Stryker is not exactly willing to let Aidan jump off the ship in an effort for a game. Kruppe (I love his name - not sure why. It just sounds very pirate-y?) makes an effort to stop him, and it's funny how Kruppe doesn't believe Stryker would go after him. For all that Stryker's men aren't happy with him, Stryker would still protect his men because of an unspoken oath between men. Whether or not his men are willing to break this unspoken oath because of anatomy will remain to be seen. I'll be sorely disappointed if they do, but it's the point of the plot. To have a challenge that both Aidan and Stryker must overcome. Man vs. Man for conflict, if you will.

Well then. So much for getting rid of the captain. I must say I couldn't help laughing a little when Aidan went ahead and /oh so nonchalantly/ says that he steered them into siren infested waters. You go Aidan. I knew I liked him for a reason. Same with Kruppe, but you know, he's the less important. Aidan is more than just a "shag" as they say it, and I must say, he better. Stryker didn't just fall off the water for nothing. But they're good for each other :)

New way to save each other noted: Fall off a ship - save the guy - get beaten up (but maintain dignity to piss your crewmembers off - get paramour to steer ship into siren infested waters.

Good read!
alltheeagles chapter 1 . 5/8/2014
For the RG EF

I like the general plot development. There are moments when it was a tiny bit hard to figure out who’s talking, but apart from that, the plot is easy to follow. The twist with the sirens saves it from being a run-of-the-mill romance, and most of the loose ends are satisfactorily tied up. I like the characters too, though it is the first mate whom I like best - dunno if that surprises you or not. Why? Because he’s easy to figure out, and I’m in the mood for not thinking too hard. Stryker is complex, but his true feelings (more specifically, his conflicted feelings between lust and face/duty?) don’t come across strongly because even in his log (which I assume represents his private thoughts) he doesn’t explain them. Ditto Aidan. Well, alright, I could just simply understand that the former fell madly in love and the latter is a lazy git, but that’s rather one-dimensional, no?
S.H. Marr chapter 1 . 5/4/2014
Well, this was fun. And I liked Stryker, but I wish we'd gotten more of Aidan's characterization earlier-he kind of spontaneously developed a personality 3/4 of the way through. Kruppe was also something of an enigma and I didn't expect his actions from him.

But it was fun, and I liked Stryker, and I liked the intercuts with the journal entries.
tstul006 chapter 1 . 4/22/2014
Yay. This was a great little piece. Way to go Senatorblitz. I'm kinda sad it is just a one shot because I fell in love with Aidan.

Okay so yeah... I need to give a better review than this... So I'll give it a go.

Beginning: I liked the Captain log. I think it was a great way to set the scene. It was interesting and funny.

Characters: So Kruppe is awesome. I love loyal characters and he was loyal. I feel like it had more to do with his friendship with Stryker than his sense of honor. I don't know if I would want to stand by someone who threatened to end my life for pointing out they had a crush... of course I'm not a pirate... (unless I'm going to a Ren Fest.) Anyway so on to Stryker. He's scary in a sexy kinda way. A man not to be messed with at all. (yummy... crap I got off track... dang pretty boys) Anyway, Aidan was my favorite. He was the smartest one in the story I think. Such a pretty boy... oh dang it there I go again.

Okay... I can't think of anything else useful...

Anyway, great job as usual. Looking forward to the Soma update. :)
Jitterbug Blues chapter 1 . 4/22/2014
Enjoyment: Ohhh, this was so much fun! This was just delightful, and I’m just going to gush at you like a stupid little fangirl, because I can :D :D :D But let me start with this: I’ve secretly wanted a slashy pirate story for ages now, ever since I joined the ranks of this site. And then to get this delicious feat from you is …like Christmas *_* I love stories that are light yet cheeky, love slash that is light and cheeky and has clever banter, I love stories with light writing styles and crazy concepts, so this was just perfection :D I cannot say how happy reading this made me: the prose flowed, the characters were loveable, and the slash was just the right amount of fun (give me more :D). No, I just really loved this, and I could gush at you all day. Just wanted this for ages, so thank you – so much!

Characters: I love them all: Stryker (sorry if I misspelled) is loveable with his bad temper and his love for …breeches XD. I like how he’s a competent and witty captain who knows how to use the English language. I love how he’s determined to keep his first mate, and how he’s in control because he knows he’s the only man who can get the job done right. I just love his narrative, because it’s fun and entertaining.

Kruppe was fun :D I kind of expected him to stick by the captain’s side, because he seems like a reasonable man (with a good sense of how to stay alive :3). I really loved him all the more for his action at the end 333. A man like this is good to have on any ship! But no, I loved his intelligence and wit, and his ability to see what was best for the ship. A cool guy :3

Oh Aidan: I love his laziness and crazy actions. I love how he’s so fetching and gorgeous and really seems to be playful. I just love, love how he keeps seducing the captain :3 I really liked his flirty nature, and how he’s capable and clever too, proving that it was right to make him the first captain :3

Relationship: I really enjoyed how you wrote Aidan and Stryker’s relationship: it was comedic, what with the breeches and all, but I also felt a genuine sense of affection, given that they were both willing to give up each other’s lives for one another. That was cute and touching. I also really enjoyed the UST between the two of them (scenes like Aidan flirting with him, and the lovely banter :3) I just think their interactions seemed right, and my only complaint: MORE MORE. I think this was such a fun read though, because their chemistry was just right :3

Scene: I have a lot of favourites, but I really loved Stryker jumping after Aidan, because it showed just how important Aidan was to him, and it showed that he was an honourable man too, being willing to sacrifice his life for the sake of his crewmates. I think it showed that he was truly worthy of being a captain :3 Also I loved the scene where Kruppe and Aidan saved him, because it was touching and funny, and the kiss was sweet (also the dialogue was lovely :3). I dunno: I really liked everything here, but those scenes in particular stood out to be.

Dialogue: You had very good dialogue here, witty and funny, with some thought-provoking lines here and there. I could really gush all day. I think you also captured the rough and raw tone of pirate right, making this even more enjoyable to read. I have a lot of FAVOURITE LINES but I can’t copy/paste so D: but one of my favourites was Stryker pointing out that Aidan might not have been willing to get captured by sirens, but chose to rescue the captain through … well crazy means XD (I just love how funny that line was.)

Plot: I think this was a lovely story, really. Just right for a one-shot. What I really liked was the undertone of seriousness and homophobia here, despite the light handling of the plot. The fact that it took all this for the crew to remember why the captain was worthy really made me sad D: It shows how homophobia really runs rampant, despite everything (and how it often makes people just look at that one aspect and disregard everything else). Haha sorry, I’m just trying to say that this was more than just a light one-shot: it had thought-provoking elements to it, and while I might have grinned and laughed, I cannot help but feel mad that it had to go this far. But yes, I really enjoyed this – the romance was lovely and the plot made me grin (I cannot repeat those words enough).

Writing: The writing is lovely: really light and easy on the brain, with lovely descriptions and non-intimidating details :D I really don’t enjoy the pirate genre usually because it’s so bloody detailed, but this was just lovely to go through, so thanks :3

...This was the longest but most useless review ever: so have my more honest thoughts XD

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