Reviews for Of Death
Bastard From North chapter 5 . 5/23/2014
Ooo, I didn't wander around for nothing it seems :D I see that this around the future time ( Duh, like no one else didn't ) and I never was a big fun of Sci-Fi stuff but some reason this seems different:)
I like the main charter because even being rich kid he isn't the jerk to brag about it, that makes him seems nice one. And also that he isn't the one you think is gonna save the world at the instant but seems more like the one to run away makes it really interesting in my opinion. The fear of being drowned gives the nice feeling of the charter too, I never would have thought that kind of fear for first :P It makes it more unique :)
I hope you continue this soon because I am hooked! I like also a lot the short yet mysterious way of describing the story it self :D