Reviews for High School Dreaming
Jitterbug Blues chapter 1 . 5/9/2014
I’m going to label this story as interesting, and …and well interesting again _ . I should have really heeded the warnings, but anyhow, so we here we go, though I can’t really say that this is the sort of story I’d read outside of any games, and the feeling I’m left with is raised eyebrows, and a sort of desire for brain bleach (but that’s not really your fault, as you did clearly warn). At the very least I appreciate that you ended it before it got any more disgusting, and didn’t go through those descriptions any more than you had to, so while the gross out factor is there, it’s not obscenely explicit. I can recognise and appreciate the humour anyhow, because this just is this kind of fic that deals with silly romantic expectations and then thwarts them, in the worst kind of ways XDD.

So what I like about this is the writing, which is hilariously overdone, and very funny in its ridiculousness. It just sets up this romantic atmosphere (that goes terribly wrong) and just pinpoints how totally idiotic such descriptions can be. I definitely enjoyed the tone, and liked how it abruptly changed when stuff happened XD.

(A.P from The Labyrinth)
Noll Daybreak chapter 2 . 5/8/2014
It's! I just-
Excuse me while I laugh until I can't breathe.

"How was I to know I boarded the Titanic?"
"Oh, it got much worse! It now grew to a loud fart that could be heard over speeding trains or cars halting two seconds before hitting a pedestrian".
"'shit stank'"
"I wonder if pimples ever get lonely".

A little crude humor to lighten up my day! Thank you so much! I await an update! 8D