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Louise Lanning chapter 1 . 6/4/2015
I already feel drawn to read more. I love the idea of the element kingdoms and this is based on one of my favorite fairy tales so I'm excited to read more when it's not so late for me. I also love the use of Latin. Everything sounds better in Latin :)
The Imaginatrix chapter 25 . 6/4/2015
Nathaniel, I don't know whether to be worried for you or proud of you. Stay strong. I'd rather see you and Lindsey marry on happier terms than Maeveen is promising.


This is so sad! But I'm still going to read the rest of the story, so why should I be sad? I know! It's because I want my friend Kohaku to see ALL OF IT and she only has a couple months to read what's here. And her life's so busy she won't have much time to do that. :(
Claudi chapter 25 . 6/4/2015
Hello :)
I am so thankful that you will give me the opportunity to read on!

But to the review: Quiet at the beginning you spelled "percent" wrong (I think you spelled it "present" or something ) but that was the only spelling mistake.
I hope that you will explain later how the siblings lost each other (I felt like they were very keen on staying together and in this chapter Lindsey does not worry about having lost them...)
You made me really curious as to how the curse can be broken and (I feel bad for saying that) thanks for killing Paige (wow...that sounds so mean...) I really didn't like that girl...
I like that Nathaniel seems to get a bigger role, I really feel he has a lot of potential (I did NOT steal this line from Maeveen on purpose! :D)

I am crossing all my fingers for the book to be published one day :)
Claudi chapter 24 . 6/3/2015
Here I am, not confused this time and I must apologize for having read the last thing wrong... But to your chapter.
So much happens, you keep pulling in new fairy tales and I sincerely hope you find a way to put in the frog prince (is that the english name of the fairy tale? Well I think you know what I mean). That Asteria can transform herself is super cool and I like how Sarahs name is so important (even though it's such a plain name I like the irony) and I hope that Rayhand will get his ass kicked in the next chapter!
The Imaginatrix chapter 24 . 5/30/2015
Hesperus' story has me intrigued. :D (Yes, I remember your messages about this but it was still cool to see it referenced.)


I liked Asteria's little trick there. :D I'm glad the real Henry got out, because I really like him and don't want him to die.

...And I have horrible suspicions that Maeveen DOES have the other ball of thread. I've read "The Six Swans" as well. But I could be wrong.

Are they just going to dig up Aurora's body because her parents want to bury her somewhere a bit closer to home, or is there a way to save her? I don't know what it takes to kill a Star. I know Satya got shot through the chest with an arrow but I don't know how permanent that will be because STARS.

And there is the truth about Sarah's part in this. :D Makes me think Christian will have his own moment to shine. I can't wait!

*sighs* But I have to, because that's most of four books away as of right now. :(
Claudi chapter 23 . 5/21/2015
Hey there.

In what universe is that a good point to stop?! That is a cliffhanger! But anyways, maybe i misread the last thing you wrote and this is not the end for me yet? Please?
Apart from leaving me hanging here, yay! Action! Magic! I loved it. I just wondered about Maveens character because I never figured her a person to panic bacause of anything...I would have rather thought her to do away with the swans escaping as in "There is no way out of this curse anyway" but i suspect that it is crucial that one of them is killed (and not just dies) so maybe something like "it will be fun to hunt them down since they don't know how to be a swan yet and will totaly stand out with those orange marks"? I dunno I just got really caught up at her paniking.
Nice fight btw and a perfectly horrible outcome with a moral dilemma. And I hate Rayhan even more, good job!

So now my over all impression (cause I said I was gonna do that).
Obviously you made me read the whole thing which is something not achieved easily since I tend to be a bit picky with what I am reading. You drew me further in with every character and every little bit of traditional fairy tale I found (I am proud to say that I know each and every one you referenced so far! :D). The characters are likable and still have their flaws and I felt that all of the kids (no matter whose family thei belonged to) had so much potential in them as to what they might become, that was very beautiful.
Also the world you structured so carefully, each country with it's own traditions which sometimes overlap (like the festival of Mina) and you even though about historical roots to their culture and dressing habits which was fascinating (especially since I am studying intercultural management and know a thing or two about the topic). I remember having problems with the names in the beginning but it's become better (as expected) and I think it is important to say that I never had a problem with Sarah and her siblings having 2 names, I was somehow able to memorize them very quickly.
You took your time before you launched into the "main" story which I didn't mind at all. You have put a great deal of though into this world and story line and you are more than right to show off your work before starting the core plot.
I loved to see you become better with every chapter, that drew me in as well. And I sincierly hope that this whole thing will be published soon. Keep it up cause you are doing amazing and never let anyone tell you any different.

Now lastly (then I am really finished) thank you for letting me and others be part of what you are creating here. And please excuse all my spelling mistakes or bad grammar (if there is), English is not my native language (I'm from Germany :D) and if I have any spelling mistakes in my reviews it is especially awfull because I told you all the time of the spelling mistakes in the chapters

Thanks for this story :)
Claudi chapter 22 . 5/21/2015
Okay we all knew that this would happen but wow. Betrayal! Magic! Really well written! Love the description of the transformation.
Did I already mention that you did very well with capturing each individual sibling? I feel like they all play their part and have their personality apart from each other, that's very good. I hate it when characters just have one group identity (like the dwarves in the Hobbit book)
There are still a few spelling errors or missing words or letters but as before I am sure you will see them while editing :)

To your little comment on the top:
I would love to read on if you want to have my feedback :) But if you feel like there are enough people reading your draft don't feel pressured to include me. Do whatever feels right for you (I know how sometimes having stranger read what you created can be difficult...been there)
As for now I will finish the last chapter and give you an over all review and hope to find your novel in stores soon (or the next chapter in my emails )
You can contact me through my tumblr claudidontcare (I don't feel completly comfortable to leave my email address in here...I hope you understand that)
Claudi chapter 21 . 5/21/2015
I am only halfway through at this point but WHY isn't Richard allowed to end that sentence?! He has to tell Christion what? He has to tell Sarah WHAT? :D
And I think you have been inconsistent with the gender of Adaras horse...

This chapter was awesome :) Mainly because of Adara and Christian and Larissa. Plus I finally understand why they were all hanging out together in the prologue (I hate not knowing so I'm way happier now )
Claudi chapter 18 . 5/21/2015
Hey there,

one small thing. I understand that Rayhan doesn't want Sarah to be hurt because he somehow feels that he owns her or something but when I read him reacting quiet forcefully to a possible threat to Sarah I found that strange. Maybe you could make it clearer why he reacts that way by him thinking something like "she is mine to destroy" or something that sound less horrible than what I just suggested :D
I'll be off to chapter 18! :D
Claudi chapter 15 . 5/19/2015
Again the spelling and sometimes a word in a sentence is missing but to tell you each and every one I would have to reread everything with a pen in my hand and that would mean that I can't read on yet :D Plus I am sure you'll see it yourself when you go over it.
Love it. Rayhand is an ass and finally Sarah saw that, makes me happy :)
Claudi chapter 14 . 5/19/2015
Just read over this chapter again (and the one before that) for spelling mistakes. Apart from that I can only fangirl about the whole thing and I am not sure how much of that you want to hear :D But how can I like Christian already although he barely turned up? I really like him :D Aaand I'm starting to fangirl. Let's stop right here, I'll just go on reading.

You are doing very well I still love it
Claudi chapter 11 . 5/19/2015
You are going a bit strong on the foreshadowing. It gets specific very fast so it actually is no foreshadowing but rather you just tell me outright what is going to happen somewhere down the line. I am not a particular fan of that even if the story would have made it clear anyways. Maybe you could at least leave out the name of her future love? :D
Also there were quiet a few spelling errors in this chapter and the one paragraph about the princesses of Elementum (a short one starting with "It could only be a marriage to a king or crown prince...) I didn't get at all...maybe I just read it wrong.
As for the spelling I am sure that you will notice yourself when you go over this chapter one more time :)
But I still love reading it cause even though nothing major happend yet you manage to make it interessting :)
Claudi chapter 10 . 5/18/2015
Still here and still like it a lot.
I hate Rayhan cause he is a liar and I hate that Sarah can't see that yet. Jamal is an ass and I will be your best friend if you let something bad happen to him and I will even be your very best if you let Adara do it ;D
The Imaginatrix chapter 23 . 5/17/2015
...I KNEW IT. That's a significant part of the story and I couldn't think of it any other way. Richard had to fall in love with Maeveen. Sure, he was forced into it, but it had to be done, and he had to forget his children because he'd have to forget Elizabeth, who bore them to him.

So I can't say I'm that surprised. Saddened, yes, and I empathise with poor Sarah, but I'm not surprised, and I DON'T hate you.

Also, good on you for showing the siblings adjusting to their new method of communication by day. That was a nice touch. And Caye being all protective of Cayden was ADORABLE. It just was. :D

DARN IT RAYHAN YOU COULD HAVE REDEEMED YOURSELF YOU COWARD. I hope Sarah makes it out, but judging from what you just said, it might not be next chapter. Still can't wait to see how you set this up. :)
Claudi chapter 8 . 5/15/2015
First of you wrote "monotony"...did you mean "monogamy"?
Nice foreshadowing and the Stars seem to be interestin creatures. I slowly feel like I know who is who now too :)
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