Reviews for Dragon's Slave
LolBookWorm chapter 58 . 3/6
Thank you so much for writing this story. I love the journey it took me on.
Will King Elroy ever learn from his mistakes? Or will his bitterness turn into evil? Will he be usurped or become a better king or just rule badly until his death? Will he get married?
What will Kamryn and Nax's child be like? What will be like being a Weirborn raised by a Weirborn mother? Will Kamryn ever find her own mother? Is her mother living with dragons? Maybe she's even just completely embraced her dragon nature and gone feral?
What will the South do now that they've lost their own Weirborn? The other three countries seem to have pretty strong aliances now, will they maybe launch a pre-emptive strike on the South?
What happened to Fynn? Does he find happiness and peace now that he can move on from his family's murders?
MileyRowling chapter 59 . 3/6
Great story! I'm going to check out the new one for sure!
luckybrains chapter 58 . 3/6
Done so soon? I thought it would take longer to tie up all the lose ends. That Elroy would cause more problems or something unexpected would come up (like Death getting involved? See below).
I do like the end though, that the slaves and dragons are freed and Jaen and Katar get married and Kamryn is pregnant!

Something I feel that you didn't get back to was the Goddess's affair with Death. I feel like you could have expanded that more. Maybe Katar could have picked up on something going on? Speaking of Katar, it also would have been interesting to see his insanity pushing through again. Maybe Jaen gets kidnapped or or OR Katar and Kamryn get kidnapped/snatched up by a dragon (which is controlled by Death?) and then Jaen and Nax go looking for them? Maybe Death was gifted a dragon by the Goddess ("I'll send you countless gifts." Chap 19) and because she interfered again, he gets angry and interferes himself?
Just a suggestion. :) Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself. (Maybe that's part 2?)

Excited to see what the next story is about.
luckybrains chapter 55 . 3/2
Oh - an add on to my review for chapter 57: it makes sense that they're cousins. Especially with there being so few Weirborn left, it makes sense that they're both of the same blood line. I liked how you tied that in and I'm curious how it will fit in elsewhere.
luckybrains chapter 57 . 3/2
Omw! Thanks for another chapter! :D I'm so glad Nax is back. I was actually crying when he died. I thought you were going all GoT on me!
Jaen's power is actually pretty strong and she and Katar will make quite a mean team. And yay, she's Blessed! It will be interesting to see their challenges if Katar's insanity gets worse.
What is Kamryn going to do at the trial? Will the king bring up marriage stuff again? Will she and Nax have to elope? And what's happening to the other dragons who have been freed? When will she free slaves?
Very curious to see what the next arc of the story is about :)
luckybrains chapter 56 . 2/26
Oh my word! I just read the last three chapters in one go and so much has happened! Thank you for bringing the Goddess back in. I wonder who she meant by "him".
Poor Nax! Surely he can't really be dead?! That would be so mean! They were so sweet together. I hope Kamryn does find love again :(
MileyRowling chapter 55 . 2/21
Nice update! I loved it!
LolBookWorm chapter 55 . 2/18
Oh my word! Such a hectic chapter! What happens next?
MileyRowling chapter 54 . 2/14
Great update!
TheAverageReader chapter 54 . 2/14
Small suggestion to put depth into the Evil Weirborn, he seems like a classic villian "lust for power", maybe make it so he had ended up like a slave like the main character, give him a reason

Also it would be fun if he turned out to be her brother, maybe redeem himself in the end, through sacrafice.

Another suggestion, maybe add a much more sinister threat to the story, a threat that maybe designed this whole war problem all along, and the reason why the weirborn had returned was to stop this threat, to end it once and for all

Anyways just some suggestions for this in depth story
EventualHorizon chapter 53 . 1/31
Things are getting quite interesting. Really looking forward to the next few chapters.
MileyRowling chapter 53 . 1/30
Good update!
luckybrains chapter 53 . 1/29
Whaaat what!? Suicide? Why?

I really hope Kamryn gets back in time and that the West is really in danger. Those dragons had better behave too.
Please update soon. We're reaching a climax here :o
MileyRowling chapter 52 . 1/23
Nice update!
Enigma39 chapter 1 . 1/21
This is so cool! The characters are distinctive and the world seems well thought out. I can't wait to keep reading this story!
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